Sonuscore Origins Vol 1 Steel Tongue and Sansula

Two unique instruments combined in a powerful Multi-Arpeggio-Designer for creative scoring

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Two unique instruments combined in the powerful Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) meld into rich and diverse sonic landscapes. With a vast set of inspiring presets and easy customisation, the Sonuscore Origins Series provides extensive possibilities for creative scoring.

Key Features

  • Two individually playable instruments
  • Innovative Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD)
  • 80+ rhythm presets
  • 12 unique colour settings
  • Full customisation of all controls

More Info

The Sansula is a recent advancement of the Kalimba, which has its roots in traditional African music. Played by plucking metal tines attached to a membrane, the Sansula has a soft, but rich sound.

The Steel Tongue Drum is a modern instrument played with mallets or by hand. With its percussive sound, it forms the perfect pendant to the Sansula.


The Multi-Arpeggio-Designer is the centrepiece of every 'Origins' instrument. Two fully customisable arpeggiators create interlocking patterns and broad soundscapes by combining the unique timbres of the two instruments. The engine is designed to convey a musically meaningful, human performance, instead of a computer randomly aligning notes.

Load up one of 80+ inspiring presets or create your own arpeggios in as much detail as you like. The MAD provides a variety of different features and controls to realise your musical vision.


Have you created your own ingenious arpeggio design and want to use it with another ORIGINS product? Simply copy and paste your design to use it on-the-fly in any other ORIGINS instrument.


The 12 individual colour-presets provide even more possibilities to sculpt your sound. All colours are radically different in character and incorporate various effect settings and multiple impulse responses. While each MAD-Preset has an assigned colour preset, you can combine everything at will, resulting in over 900 predefined combinations.

Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"The magic begins… the first Kontakt-instrument of the Origin-Series: Steel Tongue & Sansula is a real no-brainer for me. Lightweight, compact and extremely easy on memory does it make fantastic sounds, arps and atmospheres, all customisable to the bone in a clever and intuitive interface. This will be used in many of my tracks to create mysterious to joyous moods in an instant thanks to the nice presets. Hint: Use the 3-note-presets with 4 or more notes and vice versa to create some extra complexity." - Alexander Röder (Composer)

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

  • Mac: OSX.10.8 or higher
  • Windows: Version 7 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • At least 300MB of free hard disc space
  • Requires Full Version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT 5.5.2. or higher