Sound Yeti Dawn - Ambition Expansion Pack

Warm and emotive melodic presets made from bold sample sources

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Sound Yeti Dawn is a collection of warm and emotive melodic presets made from bold sample sources for Sound Yeti's Ambition.

Dawn is an illuminating musical experience and includes a blend of rising and strong hybrid scoring essentials. Dark pads, expressive textures, designed synths, experimental keys, lush modular rhythmics and ambient cinematic sounds round out this hybrid expansion sound pack for Ambition.

Sound Yeti Dawn key features:

  • 60 core sample presets
  • 70 custom snapshots
  • 600 high quality chromatic samples
  • 2.4 GB of samples
  • 11 Evolving
  • 19 Keys
  • 22 Pads
  • 9 Pulses & Motion
  • 9 Playable Textures

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      The sounds you’ll hear in Dawn were crafted using a wide variety of hardware synths, modular rack synths, and effects units. Combining sounds from many different popular synths such as the DSI’s Prophet Rev 2, the Moog One, and the Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synthesizer, Boscio was able to fabricate an amazing array of core samples perfectly suited to Ambition’s strengths. It’s quite an inspiring list of gear, check it out.

      Ambition Dawn Expansion Sound Pack – Gear List

      Software Plug-Ins:
      • 112db Mikron Cascade
      • Arturia Plate Reverb
      • Izotope Iris2
      • Logic Pro X Stock Plug-Ins
      • Native Instruments Guitar Rig FX
      • Soundtoys 5 Collection
      • UVI Falcon
      • Valhalla DSP VintageVerb

      Hardware Synthesizers:
      • Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2
      • Moog One
      • Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synthesizer
      • Soma Laboratories Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer

      Hardware Electro-Acoustic Instruments:
      • Electro Lobotomy Sonic Forest

      Hardware Effects Units:
      • Empress Effects Reverb Pedal
      • Onde Magnetique Cassette Echo (Marantz PMD222)

      Hardware Eurorack Modular Synthesizer:

      2HP VCAMake Noise Optomix Rev2
      4ms Quad Clock DistributorMake Noise QPAS
      4ms Spectral Multiband ResonatorMake Noise STO
      ALM Busy Circuit’s Pamela’s New WorkoutMake Noise Telharmonic
      Doepfer A-119 Ext. InputMacro Machines Omnimod
      Erica Synths Sample DrumMoog Drummer From Another Mother
      Erica Synths Stereo MixerMoog Mother-32
      Expert Sleepers Disting MK4Mr Seri uBurst
      Instruo TroikaMutable Instruments Plaits
      Intellijel Audio I/ONoise Engineering Extra Mullet
      Intellijel MixupNoise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido
      Intellijel PlanarNoise Engineering Terci Ruina
      Intellijel PlonkPlum Audio uO_C
      Intellijel PolarisRetro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom
      Intellijel Quad VCARossum Panharmonium
      Intellijel QuadraxSquarp Hermod
      Intellijel TetrapadSSF Stereo Dipole
      Intellijel uScale IISSF Ultra-Random Analog
      Make Noise DPOStrymon Engineering Magneto
      Make Noise Erbe-VerbSynthesis Techonology E352 Cloud Terrarium
      Make Noise MathsWMD Buffered Mult
      Make Noise MimeophonWMD Sequential Switch Matrix
      Make Noise MorphageneWMD/SSF Multi-Mode Filter


      To create the first two expansion sound packs, Dawn and Dusk, we teamed up with the very talented composer/sound designer René G. Boscio. If you don’t already know, Boscio is an L.A. based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s contributed music to over 100 hit TV series episodes. Shows like Riverdale (The CW), Blindspot (NBC), The Flash (The CW) as well as scoring many independent films. He has collaborated with filmmakers and performers such as William Shatner, James Franco, Morena Baccarin, Ivonne Coll, Brianna Hildebrand, Todd Grinnell, and Others.

      Having composed and produced original scores for over 50 visual media productions, including nearly a dozen feature films and award-winning documentaries, it was clear that René’s extensive background in creating epic soundscapes and film scores would be perfect for helping us create the new expressive sounds and textures for the first Ambition Expansion Sound Packs.

      In the new UI, Ambition’s sounds are now categorized by timbre. Now it’s easier to quickly browse through groups of similar samples to find the right sound! Timber categories are as follows: Aggressive, Airy, Bass, Calm, Dark, Dirty, Evolving, Lush, Metallic, Sample, Synth, and Treble.

      Preset/SnapshotTimbreGear Used
      Bipolar DroneEvolvingProphet Rev2
      UnderwaterLushModular – Falcon
      Frail Bones 02CalmModular – E-352
      Boscio VoxSynthRGB Vocals Into Falcon
      DPO SqrSawBassModular – DPO
      An example of sounds from the expansion pack showing how they are categorized and what gear was used to make the core samples and snapshots

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