Sound Yeti Relic - Ambition Expansion Pack

A foundational collection of dramatic & expressive film scoring presets

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A foundational collection of dramatic and expressive film scoring presets derived from modern hybrid sample sources for Sound Yeti's Ambition.

Relic includes a blend of evolving synths and tranquil pads ranging from calm & subtle to lush and grimy. 70 presets evoke feelings of longing, searching, curiosity, tension and resolution. Core samples of unconventionally processed analog instruments bring fresh perspectives to Ambition. Relic is sweet pack of cinematic flavor perfect for professional music scoring.

Sound Yeti Relic key features:

  • 60 sample sources
  • 70 snapshots
  • 600 high-quality chromatic samples
  • 1.47 GB of samples
  • 12 Evolving
  • 13 Keys
  • 29 pads
  • 8 Pulses & Motion
  • 8 Playable Textures

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        With Sound Yeti's goal of capturing the essence of calm and peaceful moods in this expansion pack, thier immediate thought was to go analog! They figured nothing soothes the soul quite like the warm sound of tape and the additional sound (im)perfections that only tape and analog gear can deliver.

        During the sound design process Sound Yeti combined elements like the hum, crackle, and warble of a reel to reel tape machine, the sounds of a poorly resin-ed bow scratching across strings, and lush sounds of analog synthesizers to usher Ambition into calming places.

        Many of these sounds were born through experimental and traditionally “wrong” methods of recording. Introducing noise to a signal chain, manipulating tape during recording, and experimenting with the phasing of certain sounds are a few examples of how they were able to give Relic its certain feeling of immersion and depth. Such techniques give Relic a uniquely fragile, warm, and human feel.

        With the help of our immensely talented sound designers commanding a formidable arsenal of gear, Sound Yeti established the sound of Relic with refreshing and exciting textures. Below is a list of all the synths, instruments, hardware, that was used in the creation of the Relic source samples.

        Ambition Relic Expansion Sound Pack – Gear List

        Hardware Synthesizers

        • Arturia MicroFreak
        • ASM Hydrasynth
        • Moog Subharmonicon
        • Moog Mother 32
        • Moog Matriarch
        • Moog Sub 37
        • Neutral Labs Elmyra


        • Fender Telecaster
        • Glockenspiel
        • Vibraphone
        • Kantele
        • Psalmodikon
        • Kalimba

        Modular Synths

        • Make Noise Mimeophon
        • Make Noise Morphagene
        • Mutable Instruments Clouds
        • Mutable Instruments Plaits
        • Qu-bit Electronix Bloom
        • Qu-bit Electronix Data Bender
        • 2HP Verb


        • Akai GX-400D Reel to Reel Tape
        • Audient iD44 Interface
        • Elektron Analog Heat

        Guitar Pedals

        • Empress Zoia
        • Hologram Electronics Microcosm
        • Earthquaker Devices
          Avalanche Run
        • Strymon Iridium

        As you can tell from the extensive gear list, there is a huge variety of sample sources found in the Relic Ambition Expansion Sound Pack. An array of 60 unique source sample patches/groups with 70 meticulously-designed snapshots/presets provide you with a blend of textures, pads, keys, and evolving movements that showcase just some of the sonic capabilities that lie within.

        Example Sources Used for Patches

        Source / Sample GroupGear Used
        Saws on TapeMoog Matriarch through the Empress Zoia and Akai GX-4000D
        Nylon CloudsQu-Bit Electronix Surface through Make Noise Mimeophon, Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run, Empress Zoia, and Strymon Iridium
        Bowed VibesBowed Glockenspiel resampled using Arturia Pigments, into Akai GX-4000D and Valhalla DSP LLC Valhalla Room
        ChakraASM Hydrasynth through Make Noise Mimeophon, Hologram Electronic Microcosm and Elektron Analog Heat

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