Soundiron Micropaks Bundle

9 micropak libraries covering a variety of instruments, vocals and sounds

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Soundiron's Micropak Collection includes nine mighty but bite-sized Micropak libraries for a discounted price. This collection weighs in at nearly 900Mb of content which includes over 1700 samples and over 80 Kontakt presets.

This bundle includes

  • Olympus Micro Men's & Women's Choir
  • Olympus Mike-Ro Solo
  • Tuned Micro
  • Elvish Choir
  • Luftballon
  • Snow Drums
  • PVC Beatbox Ensemble
  • Phonautograms
  • Holy Ambiences
  • Snack the Cat

See below for further details on the products in the bundle.


Olympus Micro Men's & Women's Choir 

Soundiron's Olympus Micro Choir is a compact men's/women's choir kit that features a chorus of 63 hand-picked professional singers from the SF Choral Society, Volti and the SF Symphony Chorus, conducted by renowned maestro Robert Geary. Soundiron recorded our ensembles in a large natural hall, us a carefully-balanced, wide multi-position array.

Even with its humble size and scope, this little starter pack is surprisingly powerful. You'll find real-time control over dynamic intensity, tempo, playback start position offset, room decay time and volume, fluidly simulated legato transitions and more. With our custom UI and full automation support, you can create entirely new phonetic combinations and syllable sequences.

Full Chorus Articulations

  • Full Men’s and Women's divisi sections, with adjustable key ranges
  • 100BPM Latin "Dominum" & 140BPM Russian "Raduisya" chromatic Poly-sustain chants w/ release syllables
  • "Oo" pp & "Ah" ff vowel sustains
  • "Oo" and "Ah" staccatos
  • Use the Swell, Offset, Attack, Release, Pan and other controls to shape your own syllables, sustains and phrases for each divisi section in real-time
  • Automatic polysustain host tempo-synching for Kontakt 5 presets.
  • Simulated divisi & dual-layer polyphonic legato with customizable controls (Also Phrase-synchronous for polysustains)
  • 10 integrated FX impulses & 10 Natural Reverb impulses to create your own sounds
  • Master Full Ensemble and Men's/Women's Divisi presets, with dual layer blending, crossfading and phrase morphing
  • 5 Bonus Atmospheric FX presets


140 samples
207 MB Installed
24 nki Kontakt instrument presets (12K4 & 12K5)
24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format
Open format to allow user customization
Format(s): Kontakt 4 & 5 .nki and pcm .wav 


Olympus Mike-Ro Solo

A super ultra-premium virtuoso tenor solo vocal library for Kontakt. After over two years in the making, we've finally unveiled this true masterpiece! This righteous tower of awesome brings cutting edge vocal technology and pristine vocal acrobatics together into a glorious package of amazing musical perfection...

But seriously, Olympus Mike-ro Solo Tenor is just a fun yet totally functional Kontakt micropack that shows a little of what goes on behind the scenes here at Soundiron, as we research new vocal production and sampling methods. When you're dragging a full choir into a hall to record, it's generally a good idea to have an idea of what you want them to do before you roll tape. Soundiron's official in-house trained monkey (Mike Peaslee) likes to fancy himself a singer, usually somewhere in the tenor range. Since he was sadly born without a sense of shame or decorum, he's literally willing to do anything on command if somebody's recording it. So we tend to use him as a human guinea pig quite a bit.

What you'll find here is a collection of 5 poly-sustain chants, with Latin and Slavonic Russian content, along with common vowel sustains (Ah, Eh, Oh, Oo) that we recorded during the production of our Olympus Symphonic Choir. These tests helped to inform our approach to editing, recording and programming for solo voice in a hall environment and what we ended up with is a nice little -- and quite useful -- vocal library.

Despite it's humble size and scope, this little treat has all the advanced features of our more serious Olympus MIcro Choir. We provide real-time control over dynamic intensity, tempo, playback start position, room decay time and volume, legato transitions, and more. With our full automation support, you can create entirely new phonetic combinations and syllable sequences from the raw material provided here. Full automation support means you can get as creative and complex with your arrangements as you like. The legato system is designed to be fluid for the sustains and automatically phrase-synchronous for the polysustains, so you can play melodies as Mike shamelessly progresses naturally through rhythmic Latin/Russian phrasing.


180 MB Installed
96 samples
5 nki Kontakt instrument presets
24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 5.1.0 .nki and pcm .wav
Open format to allow user customization


Tuned Micro

Tuned Micro is a compact yet powerful multi-instrument collection focusing on a variety of our unique stringed and tuned percussion instruments. We took a dozen of the popular instruments found in our Stringed & Tuned Percussion Bundle and selected a core set of samples from each that offer a good introduction to the signature style, flavor, tone and quality you can expect from our full libraries. You'll find a handy sampling of Bamblong, Circlebells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Music Box, The Struck Grand, Toy Glockenspiel, Twine Bass, Waterharp, Whaledrum and Zitherette. These products can be heard in a long list of films, television shows, video games, trailers, commercials, and records around the world.

The Tuned Micro library has been programmed with a very unique interface that combines some of our most powerful design features. First, we've provided a dual-layer matrix that allows any of the 20 individual instrument articulations available in Tuned Micro to be loaded and played instantly on demand. With two independently controllable layers, you can load and play any two articulations simultaneously (such as the Bamblong and Water Harp), with customizable volume, attack, start offset, release gating and pitch-shifting for each layer. Each of the controls can be automated and changed in real-time, allowing truly unique sonic possibilities.

Sample content included form the following Soundiron titles:

  • Bamblong
  • Bizarre Sitar
  • Circlebells
  • Cylindrum
  • Imbibaphones
  • Kalimba
  • Music Box (unreleased product)
  • The Struck Grand
  • Toy Glockenspiel
  • Twine Bass
  • Waterharp
  • Whaledrum
  • Zitherette


  • 285 samples
  • 250 MB source / 127 MB installed (w/ lossless ncw audio compression) 
  • Open format to allow user customization
  • Format(s): Kontakt 4 .nki and .ncw

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Elvish Choir 

This library is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it should be all about: A pack of rowdy elven folk singing as an ensemble, with sustains, short staccatos and long staccatos/semi-marcatos in multiple dynamics over a fairly wide range. Also included are meaty shout/yelp impacts created through a little excessive hammer on elf groin violence.We recorded this little beast with the help of a little spiced seasonal ale and a whole lot of helium. It's perfect for holiday, comedy and parody music and those who are searching for fresh and weird source material for sound design and experimentation.


  • Sustains with release samples
  • Staccato
  • Spizzicato
  • Ball-crunching Effects!


313 Samples (standard pcm wav)
8 .nki files (unlocked format)
95.9 MB installed
24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav

Includes a free bonus collection of custom sound-designed ambiences.



Luftballon is a collection of pops, hisses, wheezes, twists, squeals, deflating flubbers/farts, screeches, scrapes, thuds, thumps, taps, snaps and other percussion, sustaining and tonal elements created by manipulating a variety of helium-filled latex balloons in different sizes. Equal parts "wind", sfx and percussion library, this library is filled to bursting with creative potential.

Deep Sampled Balloon Articulations

  • Snapping
  • Inflation
  • Deflation (slow, fast, violent)
  • Pops
  • Screaching
  • Twisting and bending
  • Wheezing
  • Flopping
  • Bouncing
  • Whistling and squeaking
  • Rubs and Plucks


323 Samples (standard pcm wav)
14 .nki files (unlocked format)
87.7 MB installed
24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav


Snow Drums

This unique collection of snow and ice impacts works well when used creatively in place of traditional kicks, snares and hi-hats or as pure sound design source material. It is definitely intended to fit in well with our Antidrum and other experimental instrument libraries.

The snow instruments were created by recording a variety of ice and snow foley, using prepared and natural snow piles, ice blocks and frozen ponds. The snow and ice sounds have been edited, programmed and arranged to create percussive playability and organized logically to allow easy use as sound effects source material.

The Wintery pond instruments were created by recording a variety of stones, ice chunks and pebbles skittering over the surface of a large frozen pond in a narrow canyon, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The results are quite surprising, as the sound waves travel over the ice and off of the canyon walls in very unusual ways. As the stones bounce away from the listening position, across the ice to the far side of the pond, the impacts take on a spring-like Doppler effect. We were on a little day trip during the holidays when we stopped by the pond for a rest and discovered this cool natural sonic effect, just by chance.


  • Stomps
  • Slides
  • Tumbles
  • Cold Skitters
  • Icy Splashes


511 Samples (standard pcm wav)
16 .nki files (unlocked format)
161 MB installed
24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav

Includes a free bonus collection of custom sound-designed ambiences.


Pvc Beatbox Ensemble 

The PVC Beatbox Ensemble was created by assembling a vocal ensemble in a large hall and vocalizing through long, elaborately hand-built pvc pipe "trumpets" to create drones, dirges, booms, horn blasts, drum kit-like percussive chuffs, thumps, hisses, pops and steam effects.

The best word to describe the result would be STEAM DRUMS.

This is one of our classic experimental creations we've recently souped up with more flexible programming and a brand new special FX bank. Articulations include up to 10X round robin and 1-3 velocity layers. This library features 9 articulations, including kick, snare, rimshot, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, hat/ride and crash.

Deep Sampled Articulations

  • Tuned
  • Untuned
  • Insanity Phone


144 Samples (standard pcm wav)
3 .nki files (unlocked format)
54.3 MB installed
24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav



This vocal sample-based "instrument" was created by cutting, editing and programming a selection of the earliest known sound recordings that were painstakingly restored and provided to us by a historic organization called First Sounds. This original method of recording, called 'Phonautography' was invented in the early 1850s, by French inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. The sounds were captured by projecting the voice and other sounds into a cylindrical horn attached to a stylus, which in transfered the vibration into lines over the surface of oil lamp soot-blackened sheets of paper.

The 1860 recording we chose for this library features a D major scale being sung by a single voice, presumably that of the inventor. The original capture left the pitch one octave too high, giving the resulting timbre a female vocal quality. The newer version was translated at the proper original pitch, revealing the singer to have been a man. We used both audio files to give us a full two octave range of notes to work with.

You'll notice that the distortion of pitch, tone and general lack of preserved acoustic information yields a smeared and warbling quality, somewhere between a voice and some sort of woodwind. It has an extraordinary ghost-like, frail and innocent affect.


  • Gamme de la Voix
  • Phonautogram Drums


33 Samples (standard pcm wav)
2 .nki files (unlocked format)
3.27 MB installed
16 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav

Includes a bonus collection of custom sound-designed ambiences.


Holy Ambiences 

This ambient pad, drone and soundscape library was cultivated from some rather strange Christmas caroling odds and ends we dug up, cooked up, warped and manipulated. This odd little sound set was originally just one part of a strange collection of quasi-musical oddities mostly captured in one epic recording session somewhere around Thanksgiving in '09 involving lots of Belgian beer and a few of our closest friends.

These morphable custom ambiences were created by heavily, heavily, heavily manipulating a tiny, tiny slice of a certain old Christmas masterpiece, performed by an unknown genius. Like a precious and rare unstable element, only the smallest quantity is needed to unleash the true raw power contained within. Christmas power. Each of these ambiences features multi-layer cross-fading and filter morphing for full expression and dynamic control.


  • Holy!
  • Droney!
  • Evolving!
  • Awesomeness!


21 Samples (standard pcm wav)
12 .nki files (unlocked format)
91 MB installed (44 MB Download)
16 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav


Snack The Cat

Soundiron Founder Mike's cat Snack does stupid pet tricks for food, like jumping through hoops. which inspired Soundiron to make this fun little sample library. Chris and Gregg have often dared Mike to turn her into a library, so he flipped on his trusty recorder to capture some raw cat vocalizations. He then went to town with a little digital manipulation to see where it would take us. After a bit of creative sound design, a cool little batch of ambiences and electro drum kit elements were born. We hope you enjoy this little complementary snack-sized packet of sonic goodness.

SFX, 'Synth' Pads and Ambiences

  • Simple cat meows
  • Snack "Organs" (ambient pad instruments)
  • Snack "Electro Kit" (glitchy percussion elements)


24 Samples (standard pcm wav)
9 .nki files (unlocked format)
39 MB installed
16 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav

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