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Great value collection of Soundiron's Rust Libraries

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This bundle includes all three of Soundiron's "Rust" metal impact, effects and tuned percussion libraries.

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Rust Vol. 1

Rust Vol. 1 is an eclectic collection of metal impact and tuned percussion recorded in a variety of natural environments. This first volume focuses on classic small objects and found sounds. You'll find metal racks, paint cans, soda cans, magnetic balls, steel pipes, brass hardware, a musical saw and odd bits of furniture, along with large structures like mine shaft gates, steel tunnels, towering stairways and massive structural I-Beams.

Rust Vol. 2

Rust Vol. 2 is about what happens when people walk away. Rust is abandonment, amnesia and decay. Rust is the inevitable decline of our overly-mechanized world. Rust is to iron as the tree is to the seed. The stuff of dead stars, it is what becomes of us all and from where we have come. In Rust 2, we went a little deeper underground and just a little farther out of bounds.

Rust Vol. 3

Rust Vol. 3 is a true paradigm shift in metallic tuned and untuned kit percussion. This long-awaited third installment in our legendary Rust series explores a brand new way of bending this classic genre of found-sound percussion into compelling new creatively musical directions. Our first Rust library focused on tight nuanced hand, mallet and stick percussion in a mostly dry environment, from paint cans to dumpsters.

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