Soundiron Tuned Micro Reason Refill

An eclectic variety of exotic tuned and stringed percussion instruments

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Welcome to ReFill Edition of Soundiron's popular Tuned Micro library, specially adapted for Propellerhead’s Reason platform. This compact yet powerful multi-instrument collection focuses on a variety of Soundiron's unique stringed and tuned percussion instruments.

Soundiron took a dozen of the popular instruments found in their Stringed and Tuned Percussion Bundles and selected a core set of samples from each that offer a good introduction to the signature style, flavour, tone and quality you can expect from the full libraries. You'll find a useful taste of Bamblong, Circlebells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Music Box, The Struck Grand, Toy Glockenspiel, Twine Bass, Waterharp, Whaledrum and Zitherette. These products can be heard in a long list of films, television shows, video games, trailers, commercials, and records around the world.

Each of these instruments were recorded in a variety of locations, from dry studios to underground artillery bunkers. Soundiron used high quality Neumann large diaphragm condenser microphones in wide stereo for full clarity, presence and body to allow easy custom arrangement and mixing. In adapting Tuned Micro to Reason’s ReFill format, a selection of ten Combinator patches were created, each featuring dual-layered articulations with adjustable note attack, release, and independent volume control for each articulation. A few creative effects such as reverb, sweepable resonant lowpass filter and echo have also been included.

The Tuned Micro library has been programmed with a very unique interface that combines some of Soundiron's most powerful design features. First, Soundiron have provided a dual-layer mix control for each instrument category that allows you to create custom blends with selected layered pairs from the 20 individual instrument articulations. With two independently controllable layers, you can create unique hybrids and mixes, with customizable layer volumes, attack, release gating, filter, Echo, Reverb and other shaping and special FX parameter controls. Each of the controls can be automated and changed in real-time, allowing truly unique sonic possibilities.

Stringed & Tuned Percussion

These are the instruments in Soundiron´s Kontakt stringed & tuned percussion catalog that they’ve tapped for the Tuned Micro Reason ReFill Edition

  • Bamblong
  • Bizarre Sitar
  • Circlebells
  • Cylindrum
  • Imbibaphones
  • Kalimba
  • Musique Box
  • The Struck Grand
  • Toy Glockenspiel
  • Twine Bass
  • Waterharp
  • Whaledrum
  • Zitherette

Reason Combinator Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Reason 6.0.2 or later. 10 Combinator and 24 NN-XT presets in the ReFill package are included, featuring custom front panel user interface controls and artwork.


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