The Unfinished Diva Genotype

Genotype is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s Diva synth - welcome to the dark side of Diva!

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Diva Genotype is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s Diva synth.

Welcome to the dark side of Diva. A broken, analogue world of dusty circuits, wandering tuning and distorted noise. Genotype is erratic, dynamic and raw; beautiful in a sinister and twisted way.

There’s nothing subtle or stable about Genotype. It’s analogue at its most mischievous and malevolent. But it’s dripping with atmosphere and depth; a warped richness and charm; like the allure of a charismatic hitman or femme fatale.

Utilising Diva’s wondrous emulations of classic Roland, Moog, Korg and Oberheim oscillators and filters, this soundset gives them a battering; warping and manipulating them against their will.

Creepy basslines, sombre basses, eccentric leads, drifty pads, haunting soundscapes and esoteric sequences, can all be found in this collection.

If you’ve enjoyed Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow’s Ex Machina and Drokk soundtracks, or if you’re into sinister vibes of Thom Yorke’s work on Suspiria and Johann Johannsson’s Mandy, Genotype has some demented, analogue vibes for you. There are also influences as diverse as Human League, Pye Corner Audio and Olafur Arnalds.

Each patch has carefully curated controls via the modwheel and also features an NKS version for users of NI Kontrol software and hardware.

  • 4 Arps
  • 21 Basses
  • 28 Basslines
  • 2 Keys
  • 13 Leads
  • 47 Pads
  • 1 Percussion Loop
  • 17 Soundscapes
  • 10 Sequences
  • 1 SFX
  • 6 Synths

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Product Specs:

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  • Requires u-He Diva