Toontrack Dark Rock Drum MIDI Pack

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Toontrack Dark Rock Drum MIDI Pack - Aside from being the longtime and bedrock-solid timekeeper for Iggy Pop, Mat Hector and his hard-hitting and distinctly edgy groove has found its way onto the star-studded live rock/film show spectacle Gutterdämmerung, tracks by Japanese superstar Hotei and recently, UK’s indie wonder Razorlight.

In this pack, he dives into his own personal inspirations to deliver a collection of drum MIDI that sums up the rock portion of who he is as a drummer. This is a collection where machine-like Rammstein-esque beats come head to to head with slow, heavy, raw, punky and brutally pummeling grooves that all ooze of attitude, grit and, above all, a tangibly dark vibe.

If you’re looking to unharness that extra bit of edge and attitude and infuse an overall dark aura in your songs to come, these are the grooves you need.

Key Features

  • Drum grooves and fills tailored for dark and heavy rock with an edge.
  • Performed by Matt Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung, Razorlight)
  • In excess of 400 grooves/fills
  • 4/4 in straight, swing and/or halftime with tempos ranging from 64 BPM to 153 BPM.

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