Toontrack EZkeys Eighties Pop MIDI Pack

Piano playing variations inspired by a broad palette of ’80s pop music + free Sound Expansion worth £51.95!

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The eighties is more than a decade – it’s the soundtrack of a generation. The recording industry was at the apex of a hubris that spawned artists and new music at a rate unprecedented in modern history. Be it that the excess and abundance was what abruptly ended its reign, but fact remains that this era – love it or hate it – is forever etched in music history as some- thing spectacular. Fast forward to now and there is no denying that we’ve gone full circle. The eighties are back – in fashion, culture and, above all, the music of today.

This EZkeys MIDI pack draws inspiration from decade-defining artists that all made immortal songs where the piano or the keyboard were the undisputed stars. It takes a mix of all the elements that made this a stand-out decade – the straight- forward pop, the soaring power ballads and the synth-infused new wave. Think the whole gamut, from Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Phil Collins to A-ha, Prince and Michael Jackson. These are ideas to kickstart your own modern “best of the ’80s” batch of songs. The tools are at your fingertips – start writing!


  • Piano MIDI inspired by a broad palette of ’80s pop music • Performed by professional session player
  • 4/4 and 6/8 in straight feel with tempos ranging from 66 BPM to 149 BPM
  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

How to get your free Sound Expansion

Buy your copy of EZkeys from Time+Space and when you register your serial number at the Toontrack website, you'll be invited to select your free Sound Expansion from all currently available titles.

Promotion valid from November 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019 (excluding Nov 26-Dec 2). The EZkeys Essential Pianos Pianos bundle and any other bundle options are excluded from this promotion, meaning no additional Sound Expansion will be granted for these.

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