Toontrack EZmix 2 Alternative Rock Presets

Preset pack for use with EZmix that will lift your rock tracks to new heights!

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Multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, songwriter, sound designer and programmer Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses, Lusk, Replicants, Tool) is back! This time with a collection presets for EZmix that will lift your rock tracks to new heights. Get creative and browse through the impressive list of presets for guitars, basses, vocals and more! Beef up your tracks with just one click!

About Chris

Chris Pitman is best-known for his involvement with hard rock band Guns N' Roses, in which he has been a permanent member since 1998, but also for his work with Les Levine, Dr. Dre, Tool, Blinker the Star as well as his own band SexTapes.

A multi-instrumentalist, Pitman plays keyboards, guitar and drums as well as singing lead and backing vocals. In addition to his many musical endeavors, he is also an artist and a co-founder of Los Angeles based Priory of the North, which focuses mainly on conceptual/public art, working with oil painting, lithography, oils and metals.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Tape Compression         
  • Tape Crunch1         
  • Tape Crunch2         
  • Tape Slap Studio         
  • Tape Sync Delay         
  • 70s Bass to Tape and Overdrive         
  • 80s Bass with Tape Slap Aux         
  • Bass Distortion Device         
  • Bass Fat         
  • Bass Sustainer         
  • Big Bass Overdriver         
  • Bit Distorted         
  • Death to Bass         
  • Flanged Bass
  • Honky Bass         
  • Big Rich         
  • Chorus         
  • Clean Sunshine         
  • Distorted Guitar         
  • Guitar Tape     
  • Reverse Gear         
  • Tape Delay Modulate         
  • Tape Flanged         
  • Tape Flanged HUGE         
  • The Reverse Estrada         
  • Trailer Trash Guitar         
  • Crunchy Synth         
  • Distructo Bass Synth         
  • Edgy Synth
  • Ghostly String Machines         
  • Keyboard Chorus with Stereo Delay         
  • Keyboard Smooth Tape Delay         
  • Keyboard Tape Poly Chorus         
  • Lead Tape Delay     
  • Mutron Phase Polysynth Delay         
  • Orchestra Large Hall         
  • Pads Smooth Reverb
  • Synth Overdrive         
  • Washed Out Fuzzy Lead         
  • Delay Chorus         
  • Delay Chorus2         
  • Studio Tape Room         
  • Tape and Verb         
  • Tape Channel with Aux Plate         
  • Vocal Harmonies with Aux Reverb     
  • Vocal Super Filtered         
  • Vocal Tape Compression         
  • Vocal Tape Effect     
  • Vox Analog Channel with Reverb  
  • Vox Channel Strip

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