Toontrack EZmix 2 Bass Toolbox Presets

50 EZmix 2 presets custom-made for bass guitar

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Toontrack Bass Toolbox EZmix Pack comes with 50 presets custom-made solely for bass guitar. You'll find anything from amp and cab simulation settings to signal chains for amp and DI combos as well as inserts applicable on any type of source bass guitar audio.

"The idea was to compile something that would cater to a broad use, regardless of genre. A collection that covered the whole gamut of fundamental tools you'd need to get your bass right in a mix scenario" says Toontrack Sound Designer Ulf Edlund.

A bass guitar in a mix situation is seldom just a plain and simple instrument signal. It often involves a long chain of effects such as compression, EQ, tape simulator and various types of distortion. Most mix engineers would even agree to bass being one of the hardest instruments to have sit well in a production. That's why Toontrack put together an all-star team of engineers to design this collection of go-to settings for mixing and recording bass guitar: Randy Staub (Metallica, Avril Lavigne), Neil Dorfsman (Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits), Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Meshuggah) as well as the Toontrack sound design team.

This pack will provide anything from warm and muffled to edgy, modern and distorted tones – all the way from upright and acoustic to vintage, classic and modern. It's a toolbox for bass guitar. Easy.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Ambient Chorus        
  • Bass 60s         
  • Big Fellow         
  • Big PB         
  • Big Rig & Line         
  • Blended 810         
  • Clubhouse SVT3         
  • Clubhouse SVT4         
  • Furry Amp         
  • Loud and Clear         
  • Mountain Queen         
  • ParaDrive         
  • Seattle Clean         
  • Studio Combo         
  • Weather Man         
  • Bass 70s DI         
  • Bass Boom         
  • Bass Dynamics         
  • Bass Full         
  • Bass Parallel Compression Hard         
  • Bass Parallel Compression Low         
  • Bass Pusher         
  • Bass Shape         
  • Bass Sub         
  • Bass Sustainer         
  • Bass with Raw Distortion         
  • Basstortion     
  • Big Sustainer         
  • Bottoms Up         
  • Clean but Dirty         
  • DI Dirt Bass         
  • Dynamic De-Sizer         
  • Line Bass Punch         
  • Mellow Blender         
  • Mellow OD Bass     
  • Mild OD Bass         
  • Multiband Bass         
  • Plucky Tape Bass         
  • Pushing Tape         
  • Rude Compressor         
  • Snappy Bass         
  • Subharmonizer         
  • Sweet 91         
  • Sweet Seventy         
  • Talking Bass         
  • Tape Shape         
  • Vintage R&B Bass         
  • Amped Upright
  • Fretted Acoustic Bass         
  • Upright Multiband

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