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Willie Nelson, Dixie Chicks, Dire Straits and Travis Tritt - to name but a few - all trust the same mix engineer to embellish their songs with that million dollar shimmer. As we here at Toontrack add EZmix to that list of clients, we are humbled and proud to welcome to the EZmix line one of today's most in demand engineers, Grammy® award-winning and a true music industry great: Chuck Ainlay.

Chuck Ainlay EZmix Pack comes with a large variety of presets and will be applicable on any audio reference as well as work for any genre of music. Or as Chuck puts it: "I decided to craft something that everybody needs, like a great vocal reverb with delay, a way of making a bass drum really punch through a track or a mix bus preset to get optimum gain on your mix".

Chuck's impressing and almost three decade long career has allowed him to work with some of the world's biggest recording artists, spanning over the whole gamut of genres and styles, from country to pop via rock and bluegrass as well as engineer in excess of 200 albums, many of them Grammy® award-winning and/or certified multi-platinum, platinum or gold. On top of that, he was voted '96 and '97 "Engineer of the Year" by the Nashville Music Association, nominated for the prestigious TEC award from Mix Magazine two years running as well as being named "Engineer with the most Top Ten Hits" by Nashville's own Music Row Magazine. Needless to say, Chuck´s track record speaks for itself.

Get creative, make great sounding music - pick a preset!

Effect chain presets include:

  • Mix Bus Generic plus 5         
  • Mix Bus Generic Slammed         
  • Bass DI Pushed 
  • Bass DI Wide Open         
  • Bass DI with Amp         
  • Overhead Mics Full         
  • Overhead Mics Lite         
  • Overhead Mics Natural         
  • Overhead Mics Pushed
  • Room Mics 8 Track         
  • Room Mics Ambient         
  • Room Mics Cassette Recorder         
  • Room Mics Cranked         
  • Room Mics Sustain         
  • Stereo Drum Group Ballad Wet         
  • Stereo Drum Group Generic Reverb         
  • Stereo Drum Group Inverse Room         
  • Stereo Drum Group Live Room         
  • Stereo Drum Group Lo-Fi         
  • Stereo Drum Group Slap Hall         
  • Stereo Drum Group Trashy
  • Acoustic Guitar Picked with Doubler         
  • Acoustic Guitar Picked with Hall         
  • Acoustic Guitar Picked with Room         
  • Acoustic Guitar Strummed Dry         
  • Acoustic with Chorus         
  • Electric Guitar 15 ips Slap         
  • Electric Guitar 30 ips Slap         
  • Electric Guitar Chorused Room         
  • Electric Guitar DI         
  • Electric Guitar Fat         
  • Electric Guitar Half Note Delay
  • Electric Guitar Multi FX         
  • Electric Guitar Spread Delay
  • Electric Guitar Studio A         
  • Electric Guitar Wet         
  • BD Attack         
  • BD Lo-Fi Sub         
  • B-3 Distorted         
  • B-3 Dry         
  • B-3 Wet         
  • Stereo Keys Delay         
  • Stereo Keys Slap         
  • Stereo Keys Wet         
  • Stereo Keys Wide         
  • Snare Fat         
  • Snare Fat No Parallel Comp         
  • Snare Natural         
  • Stereo Synth Pad Lo-Fi Dry         
  • Stereo Synth Pad Lo-Fi Wet         
  • Stereo Synth Pad Wet         
  • Stereo Synth Pad Wide         
  • Hi Toms         
  • Hi Toms with Parallel Comp         
  • Lo Toms         
  • Lo Toms with Parallel Comp         
  • Vocal         
  • Vocal ADT         
  • Vocal Dotted Eighth Delay         
  • Vocal Group Lead         
  • Vocal Group Lead Chorus         
  • Vocal Group Lead Vibe         
  • Vocal Group Lead Wet Triplet Delay         
  • Vocal Harmonic Distortion         
  • Vocal Rude Distortion         
  • Vocal Slap
  • Vocal Subtle Delay         
  • Vocal Telephone

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