Toontrack EZmix 2 Colin Richardson Presets

Guitar tones and mix settings from one of the most influential names in modern metal production.

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Raw, pummeling rhythm guitar tones. Soaring leads, ambient clean settings and special effects. Thick, in-your-face bass amp simulations, an array of tools for drums, vocals and keyboards. This EZmix Pack covers the ins and outs of metal mixing and comes directly from the desk of one of today's premier names in the game; Colin Richardson.The Colin Richardson EZmix Pack was designed by the man himself and based on the sounds and techniques he’s learned to master over the past few decades producing the likes of Slipknot, Machine and many others. "I wanted to create a toolbox based on overcoming the usual hurdles in a mix" he comments.

Get a premier first-aid kit for your drums. Slap a custom reverb, crispy delay or distortion on your vocals. Plug your guitar straight in and choose from a wide variety of tones for rhythms, leads or effect sounds. This pack has all the tools to take your next metal song from rough demo to finished, mixed track ready to hit the airwaves.


  • 50 custom settings produced by Colin Richardson, engineered by Carl Bown
  • Guitar amp simulation and effect settings
  • Bass amp simulation settings
  • Settings for vocals, drums and keyboards

Effect chain presets include:

  • The Angry Bay Bass Amp         
  • The Bay Bass Amp         
  • The Big Hairy Bass Amp         
  • The Calm Bay Bass Amp         
  • Bass Chorus         
  • Bass EQ         
  • Bass Sub Limiter         
  • Choir Stereo Widener         
  • OH Compression    
  • OH EQ    
  • Drum Filter FX         
  • Drum Lo-Fi         
  • Drum Trasher 1         
  • Drum Trasher 2         
  • Room Compression         
  • Room EQ         
  • The Basher Amp         
  • The Bedroom Amp     
  • The Dream Amp         
  • The Elvis Amp         
  • The Game Changer Amp         
  • The Husk Amp         
  • The Lo-Fi Amp         
  • The Rocker Amp         
  • The Thrasher Amp         
  • The Throat Amp         
  • Guitar De-Screecher         
  • Guitar Metal Low and High EQ         
  • Guitar Metal Mid EQ         
  • Guitar Rock Low and High EQ         
  • Guitar Rock Mid EQ
  • Lead Guitar Delay         
  • Lead Guitar FX         
  • Kick Drum Destroyer         
  • Kick EQ         
  • Snare Reverb Aux         
  • Snare Bottom EQ         
  • Snare Compressor         
  • Snare Mangler         
  • Snare Top EQ         
  • Synth EQ         
  • Synth Stereo FX         
  • Tom Reverb Aux    
  • Vocal Crispy Delay Aux         
  • Vocal Reverb Aux         
  • Vocal Scream Slap Aux         
  • Vocal Distortion         
  • Vocal Rotary FX         
  • Vocal Scream Comp         
  • Vocal Telephone FX

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