Toontrack EZmix 2 Core Expansion Presets

New pro-designed signal chain presets and guitar cab simulation settings for EZmix 2

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This pack comes with exactly what its name implies: more of everything that makes EZmix 2 an indisputable platform for any mixing needs! A fresh batch of new and pro-designed signal chain presets for guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, strings and vocals as well as new guitar cab simulation settings. Beef it up!

With EZmix 2 and its wide variety of EZmix Packs for different genres, making professional mixes has never been easier. With the Core Expansion EZmix Pack, you will have even more options for the most common instruments and needs in any mix situation. Focus on being creative rather than spending time getting started.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Dark Hall         
  • Large Hall         
  • Vintage Tape Echo         
  • Master Ambience         
  • Master Brilliance Control         
  • Master Low Control         
  • Master Mid Focus         
  • Bass Head 1×15         
  • Bass Head 8×10         
  • Bass Channel         
  • Bass EQ         
  • Bass LoHi Balancer         
  • Bass Tape         
  • Thin Bass         
  • Choir Spring         
  • Congas Tape         
  • Overhead Lo-Fi         
  • Drum OH Stereo         
  • Transient Room         
  • Acoustic Guitar Dirt         
  • Dry Acoustic Guitar         
  • Flatpick Acoustic         
  • Brit Rock 'n' Roll Combo         
  • Envelope Filter OD         
  • Rockabilly Combo         
  • Small Lapsteel Amp         
  • Twang Reverb Combo         
  • Electric Guitar Channel     
  • Amped Harmonica         
  • Acoustic Harmonica         
  • Hi Hat EQ         
  • Kick Close Mic     
  • Kick De-Clicker         
  • Kick Tape Punch         
  • Kick-Out Tape         
  • Virtual Subkick     
  • Piano Brightness     
  • Snare Bottom Shortener         
  • Snare Dirt         
  • Snare Round         
  • Smooth Keyboard Strings         
  • Tambourine Spring         
  • Tambourine with Plate         
  • Racktom Re-Sizer         
  • Tom EQ Gate         
  • Dry Tape Vocals         
  • Soft Close Vocals         
  • Vocal Fat Control         
  • Vocals Tape Spring         
  • Vocals Tight Delay

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