Toontrack EZmix 2 Country Guitars Presets

50 unique tones for electric guitar

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The Country Guitars EZmix Pack presents a diverse collection of settings for all walks of vintage and modern electric country guitar. It comes with 50 unique, mix-ready tones based on amp/cab simulation and various chains of effects. In this pack, you get a wide array of tones covering anything from clean, up-close and intimate to dirty, mean and big – all designed to capture the broadest possible definition of electric country guitar.

From the tube-oozing, plate and spring reverb-soaked tones for your next slow song to the rugged, transistor-fuming settings for your picking leads – this collection covers the whole gamut from vintage to modern.


  • 50 unique, diverse mix-ready electric guitar tones
  • All settings based on amp/cab simulation
  • Signal chains involve analogue tape simulation, reverbs, delays and much more
  • Tones ranging from dry to saturated, from clean to dirty

Effect chain presets include:

  • Bakersfield         
  • Chimey Grit         
  • Clean DD Chorus         
  • Clean Eights Delay         
  • Clean Picker         
  • Clean Room         
  • Clean Slapback
  • Clean Spring         
  • Clean Tele Comp         
  • Clean Tele EQ     
  • Clean Tremolo     
  • Crunch DD Chorus     
  • Crunch Slapback         
  • Crunchy Overdrive     
  • Delta Drive     
  • Driven Rhythm         
  • Dry Clean Tele         
  • Dynamic Solid State     
  • Fat Tele Bridge     
  • Green OD Dry     
  • Green OD Reverb     
  • Gritty          
  • Humbucker Clean         
  • Humbucker Twang         
  • Jazzy 335         
  • Jazzy LP     
  • Lead Room         
  • Lead Sync Delay
  • Mellow 335         
  • OD Delay Fourths         
  • Outlaw Phaser         
  • Overdrive         
  • Overdrive Lead         
  • Phased         
  • Pickin’ a Chicken         
  • Prince-Tone 121     
  • Prince-Tone Reverb         
  • Prince-Trem Reverb         
  • Pushed Single Coil         
  • Semi-Clean         
  • Semi-Dirty         
  • Soft and Clean         
  • Steel 15         
  • Steel Now         
  • Steel Then         
  • Taped Delay Crunch         
  • Taped Dry Drive         
  • Taped OD Delay
  • Taped Overdrive         
  • Yakety Axe

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