Toontrack EZmix 2 Drums Toolbox Presets

Enhance drum recordings of any type quickly and easily

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Toontrack Drums Toolbox EZmix Pack features a wide variety of one-click settings specifically tailored to enhance drum recordings of any type, all designed by a dream team of engineers: Randy Staub (Metallica, Alice in Chains), Neil Dorfsman (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan), Pelle Henricsson (Refused) and the sound design team at Toontrack.

Be it straight out of your favourite sampler, a studio multitrack recording or right off an on-stage live performance, the Drum Toolbox EZmix Pack offers complex chains and various amounts of EQ, compression, transient shaping and tape simulation to take your drum audio to the next level.

You will find inserts dedicated to each kit piece as well as aux and group bus settings for the entire drum mix. Time to make drums that rock – and pop in your mix!

Effect chain presets include:

  • OH Tape         
  • Straight Overhead         
  • Gated Plate         
  • Drum Bus Compact         
  • Drum Bus Dynamics         
  • Drum Bus Warm     
  • Drum Comp Group         
  • Drums Parallel Tape         
  • Hamilton Drum Bus         
  • Ambience Close         
  • Drum Room         
  • Tape Drum Room         
  • Hi-Hat Tape     
  • Straight Hat         
  • Bouncy Kick         
  • Hamilton Kick         
  • Kick Front         
  • Kick In Click         
  • Kick Low End Boost         
  • Kick Out Bottom         
  • Kick Out Dynamics         
  • Kick Punch         
  • Kick Sustainer         
  • Kick Tape         
  • Scooped Kick         
  • Cracky Snare         
  • Hamilton Snare         
  • Hat Suppressor         
  • Rock Snare One         
  • Scooped Snare         
  • Snare Body         
  • Snare Bottom Tape         
  • Snare Channel         
  • Snare Fat         
  • Snare Fat Tape         
  • Snare Multiband         
  • Snare Top Boost         
  • Tape Drive Snare with Hall         
  • Floor Tom         
  • Round Toms         
  • Scooped Toms         
  • Sticky Tom 1         
  • Sticky Tom 2         
  • Sticky Tom 3         
  • Tom Rack 1         
  • Tom Rack 2         
  • Tom Sustain         
  • Tom Tape         
  • Transient Floor Tom        
  • Transient Rack Tom

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