Toontrack EZmix 2 Indie Guitars Presets

50 guitar tones covering ambient to dry, distorted to clean

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The Indie Guitars EZmix Pack presents a creative palette of guitar tones inspired by indie pop and rock of the past two decades. It includes 50 unique settings based on amp and cab modulation, all saturated by various chains of effects. In total, it paints a vivid picture of guitar tones ranging all the way from out-of-this-world ambient down to candid, clean, dry and distorted. While creating this collection, Toontrack sound designer Mattias Eklund broke it down to five categories.


Big, reverberant tones saturated by long chains of effects.


Rugged, tube-ridden tones through creative chains of lo-fi influenced effects, octaved distortion and rotary speakers.


Tones run through modulated effects – chorus', flangers, phasers and much more.

Basic amps – clean

All about the amps – clean, candid tones with subtle saturation of small reverbs or tastefully added delays.

Basic amps – distorted

Same thing, but adding various elements of distortion.

This collection is for the guitarist, writer or mix engineer who needs a solid collection of classic, go-to tones for any pop or rock track but wants a creative toolbox that takes the idea of what role a guitar can play in a mix to a completely new level. Challenge your track – paint with sound and put your guitars at stage center.


  • 50 unique guitar tones based on amp and cab modulation
  • All tones run through various chains of effects
  • Covering ambient to dry, clean to distorted
  • Customize each setting by using the two rotary controls in EZmix 2

Effect chain presets include:

  • Ambient Tail         
  • Backward Tremolo Pitch         
  • Clean Amp         
  • Clean and Limited Verb 1         
  • Clean and Limited Verb 2         
  • Clean and Limited Verb 3         
  • Clean and Limited Verb 4         
  • Clean Plate         
  • Clean Vibrato Verb         
  • Crushed to Pieces
  • Dirty Tubes         
  • Dirty Verb         
  • Fat and Clean Hall         
  • Filtered Rotary Vibrato         
  • Filtered Stereo Flanger         
  • Fuzz Brick Wall         
  • Fuzz Octave Rotary         
  • Fuzz Verb         
  • Gain It Up         
  • Ghostly Filters         
  • Haunted Beauty         
  • Lo-Fi Rotary Wah         
  • Moderate Drive Amp 1         
  • Moderate Drive Amp 2         
  • Moderate Drive Amp 3         
  • Moderate Drive Amp 4         
  • Moderate Drive Amp 5         
  • Modulated Big Plate         
  • Modulated Organ         
  • Modulated Pitched Delay         
  • Modulated Tremolo         
  • Moving Modulations         
  • Phased Wah         
  • Pitched Tremolo Verbs         
  • Reverb Amp 1         
  • Reverb Amp 2         
  • Reverb Amp 3         
  • Rotary         
  • Stereo Chorus Amp         
  • Stereo Delay Chorus         
  • Stereo Slap Amp         
  • Tremolo Verb Amp 1         
  • Tremolo Verb Amp 2         
  • Tremolo Verb Amp 3
  • Tremolo Verb Amp 4         
  • Tweed Vibrato Plate         
  • Underwater Symphony         
  • Vinyl Ambience         
  • Wide Shifts         
  • Tube Crunched Octaver

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