Toontrack EZmix 2 Jamtrack Amps Presets

Diverse collection of guitar tones for EZmix 2

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Instant jazz, metal, rock, fusion and blues-influenced guitar tones – all modeled and EQ-matched from the personal tones of five of the world’s greatest players.

Showcasing an incredible width, this collection gives you lead, rhythm, clean and various effect-saturated settings spanning genres like metal, rock, jazz, fusion and blues – all directly modeled and EQ-matched from the personal tones of five of the world’s greatest guitar players: Jack Thammarat, Marco Sfogli, Josh Smith, Martin Miller and Tom Quayle.

This collection of guitar tones for EZmix 2 was crafted in collaboration with Jam Track Central, the number one training community for guitarists online. It was designed to display the incredible scope the tones some of the players at the top of the site’s roster call up for their day-to-day business. Expect anything from earth-shattering rhythm settings and brittle leads tailored for metal and heavy rock to warm tube-fuming blues-fuzz, the subdued elegance of jazz and an abundance of distinct fusion tones ready to cut through in any mix.


  • Approx. 50 guitar/bass settings based on amp and cab simulation
  • Modeled and EQ-matched directly from the artists' personal tones
  • Rhythm, lead, clean and ambient tones


About Jam Central

Jam Track Central is the go-to place for licks, solos and masterclass lessons from some of the world’s best guitarists. The five artists in this collection as well as Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro, Zakk Wylde and Jeff Loomis are just a few of the many regular contributors to the site. For players who want to raise their game, JTC lessons/artists will inspire you to become better and drive you to reach levels of playing that you didn’t think was possible. New products are released every single week and can be purchased and downloaded individually, or streamed via the membership service. So, if you are serious about guitar, JTC is the place to be.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Jack – Bluesy Plate Lead         
  • Jack – Clean Big Room         
  • Jack – Clean Delayed Hall         
  • Jack – Clean Light Chorus         
  • Jack – Dirty Blues Stage         
  • Jack – Dry Drive         
  • Jack – Heavy Rhythm         
  • Jack – Just Clean         
  • Jack – Punchy Rhythm         
  • Jack – Smooth Lead         
  • Jack – Thick Lead         
  • Josh – Cranked Plex     
  • Josh – Strat Funk Spring         
  • Josh – Strat Trem Verb         
  • Josh – Strat Tube Scream         
  • Josh – Tele Ambient         
  • Josh – Tele Heavy Rhythm         
  • Josh – Tele Main Lead         
  • Josh – Tele Rotary         
  • Josh – Tele Slapback         
  • Marco – 80s Zoom         
  • Marco – Bright Lead
  • Marco – Chorus Rhythm         
  • Marco – Clean         
  • Marco – Clean Ambient Mod         
  • Marco – Clean Bright         
  • Marco – Clean Rhythmic Delay         
  • Marco – Crisp Rhythm         
  • Marco – Epic Lead         
  • Marco – Fat Rhythm         
  • Marco – Main Rhythm         
  • Marco – Screamer Delay         
  • Marco – Thick Lead         
  • Martin – Ambient Clean         
  • Martin – Boosted Lead         
  • Martin – Heavy Rhythm         
  • Martin – Jazz Chorus         
  • Martin – Jazz Clean         
  • Martin – L5 Clean         
  • Martin – L5 Rock Crunch         
  • Martin – Sparkle Breakup         
  • Martin – Studio Lead         
  • Tom – Clean Chorus          
  • Tom – Clean Jazz     
  • Tom – Dynamic Clean         
  • Tom – Dynamic Lead         
  • Tom – Majestic Clean         
  • Tom – Octave Crunch         
  • Tom – Smooth Lead         
  • Tom – Space Phase Clean

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