Toontrack EZmix 2 Mark Needham Presets

EZmix presets for vocals, guitars, bass, keys and drums

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Chris Isaak, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, The Killers, O.A.R., Fleetwood Mac, The Academy Is, Shakira, My Chemical Romance, Bruce Hornsby, Cobra Starship, Michelle Branch, Cake and John Hiatt. Even if you don't know the name of the man responsible for mixing these artists' albums, you certainly can't deny his work and the fact that his recipe for making successful albums seems to work.

Meet Mark Needham; producer, mix engineer and all around nice guy with over 35 years in the business.

Mark has taken time out of his busy work schedule to partner with Toontrack and hand craft some very useful and exciting presets for their widely popular EZmix plug-in. Vocals, guitars, bass, keys and drums - there's a little something for everyone in this pack. A must have for everyone looking to beef up their "in the box" mixing options!

Do like the stars: fuel your songs with some signature, multi-platinum Mark Needham magic! Your mixes will thank you.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Stereo Bus Expand         
  • Stereo Bus 1         
  • Stereo Bus 2         
  • Clean Bass         
  • Dirty Bass         
  • Distorted Bass         
  • Overhead         
  • Ride         
  • Drums Reverb Bus         
  • Drum Room         
  • Drum Room2         
  • Drums Comp Bus 1         
  • Drums Comp Bus 2         
  • Acoustic Guitar         
  • Distorted Guitar         
  • Electric Guitar         
  • Filter Guitar         
  • Heavy Delay Guitar 1         
  • Heavy Delay Guitar 2         
  • Heavy Guitar         
  • Line Guitar Bounce Delay         
  • Spread Delay Guitar         
  • Stereo Chorus Heavy Guitar         
  • Stereo Spread Guitar         
  • Hihat         
  • Kick         
  • Kick Sub         
  • Organ 1    
  • Organ 2    
  • Delay Filter Piano         
  • Piano         
  • Snare Delay         
  • Snare 1         
  • Snare 2         
  • Strings         
  • Tambourine 1         
  • Tambourine 2         
  • Tom1         
  • Tom2         
  • Aggressive Vocals         
  • Backing Vocals         
  • Big Filter Delay Vocals         
  • Bit Crushed Vocals         
  • Delay Vocals     
  • Filter Delay Vocals         
  • Filtered Vocals         
  • Vocals 1         
  • Vocals 2

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