Toontrack EZmix 2 Mastering Presets

One click settings to take your mix from great to fantastic in no time

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Whether you are working on a loud metal song, a mellow jazz tune or a big house anthem, the Toontrack Mastering EZmix preset pack has one-click settings to take your mix from great to fantastic in no time. The pack comes with a wide variety of signal chains for the most common mastering needs and music genres.

Mastering is an art in itself as well as the final and crucial step in making great mixes sound even better. That's why Toontrack wanted one of the best in the business at the helm when designing the presets for this pack.

Meet Mats "Limpan" Lindfors, senior engineer at Cutting Room, the leading mastering studio in Scandinavia. "I tried to make this pack cover as much ground as possible", he says. "I wanted everyone to find great mastering settings no matter what kind of music they are working on".

Give your final mixes that extra little bit of detail and attention. Start mastering - it's EZ!


Why mastering?

Mastering is the final audio processing step before a song is ready for distribution. All tracks you hear on the radio or on albums are mastered. In simple terms, mastering means you take your final mix and add various amounts of EQ, compression and limiter to make it sound as great as possible whether you play it on a car stereo, a hi-fi system or a compact mono radio.

What is EZmix 2?

EZmix 2 is a preset based multi-effect mixing tool that lets you assign pro-designed audio processing signal chains to any audio source. Be it guitar, bass, vocals or drums - with EZmix 2 you'll make great sounding mixes in no time!

Effect chain presets include:

  • 60s         
  • Air Width
  • Analogue Feeling         
  • Bass Control         
  • Bombastic         
  • Breath         
  • Choir Master         
  • Compressor-Shelf-Limit         
  • Dance     
  • Demo Master         
  • Drum Enhancer         
  • Drum Phatter         
  • Euro Disco         
  • Groove         
  • Guitar Vocals Master         
  • Guitar Vocals Master 2         
  • Half Inch Tape Master         
  • Hardness Control         
  • Heavy Dance     
  • High End Widener         
  • Multiband Control         
  • Parallel         
  • Phatt-Bright         
  • Piano Vocal Master         
  • Pop         
  • Pop 2         
  • Power Dance         
  • Power Rock         
  • Punk     
  • Punky Live         
  • Radio Tweak         
  • RnB         
  • Room         
  • Room 2         
  • Saturation         
  • Sharpen         
  • Shelf-Compressor-Limit         
  • Smooth & Bright         
  • Snappy         
  • Snappy 2         
  • Sub         
  • Sub-UnSub         
  • Subtle         
  • Super Wide         
  • Too Sharp         
  • Vocal Focus         
  • Vocal Focus Wide         
  • Vocal Focus Wide & Wet         
  • Widener         
  • Widener 2

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