Toontrack EZmix 2 Metal Amps Presets

EZmix presets focusing primarily on rhythm guitar and bass tones

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Metal Amps EZmix Pack comes with a collection of 50 guitar and bass tones based on IRs and modeling of some of the most well known high gain amps and speaker cabinets of the past decades. All presets were custom-made by renowned engineer Jocke Skog and designed to cater to a broad use spanning all the fragmented genres in classic and modern metal.

"After having spent 20 years looking for the perfect guitar tone and recorded IRs for as long as I can remember, I have a pretty good idea where to start, what to avoid and what to look for. I am confident that anyone into thrash, death, black, djent or any type of metal in between will find several tones that sound absolutely right."

The pack focuses primarily on rhythm guitar and bass tones. Each setting comes with a set of user-adjustable parameters, allowing you add more or less of its unique characteristics to tweak and customize the preset into your own custom sound.

From the several hundred IRs that were recorded for this session, Jocke boiled it down to the 50 absolutely stand-out ones and delivered a collection of guitar and bass tones that will cover your fundamental needs in anything related to producing great metal guitar and bass tones. All in one package.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Birthquake         
  • Cake on Cake         
  • Corn         
  • Earthquake
  • Hellbass         
  • Megalomaniac         
  • Misusing GG         
  • Rocky
  • Traktor Grin         
  • Traktor Grind         
  • Arg Gression         
  • Benzin Scooped         
  • Blend Xtreme Scoop         
  • Brighten Up the Dark Side         
  • Brownie Rhythm         
  • Classic Lead with Delay         
  • Desert Wind         
  • Dual Cab Framed Heaven         
  • Dual Cab Metal Heaven 1         
  • Dual Cab Metal Heaven 2         
  • English Rhythm in the 21st Century         
  • Fat Bastardo         
  • Fat Dude     
  • Flanger Stereo         
  • Gas Metal         
  • Going to the Mid Side         
  • Heavy Machinery         
  • Herbs    
  • Honky Tonk Demon         
  • Lead Delay Chorus         
  • Long Delay Mid Heavy         
  • Middle Earth XXL         
  • Murder Horn
  • Old School         
  • Old School Scooped         
  • Porta Putti         
  • Pure Rectowag 1         
  • Pure Rectowag 2         
  • Rattle Volume         
  • Rhythm Fat Chunk         
  • Rhythm Thin Chunk         
  • Sad Delay Panda         
  • Sawtooth Grind         
  • This One Goes to 10         
  • Through the Nose of a Giant         
  • Tight Thrash         
  • Vintage 21st Century         
  • With a Quack         
  • Xtreme Delay Regen

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