Toontrack EZmix 2 Metal Essentials Presets

Beef up your guitars, drums, bass, vocals and overall master

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The in-your-face-factor is essential in metal. Ask Jason Suecof - one of the essential producers on this side of the millennium and creative mind behind the sound of Trivium, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder. He'll tell you that, yes, it is essential indeed. So, we simply asked him to bag his most essential tricks for an EZmix Pack, one we'd like to call: Metal Essentials EZmix Pack.

The Metal Essentials EZmix Pack comes with exactly what its title implies: instant and essential presets for your metal productions! One click and you get Jason's take on how to beef up your guitars, drums, bass, vocals and overall master. Essentially easy.

Effect chain presets include:

  • Lo-Fi         
  • Party Next Door!         
  • Tape Land Fun         
  • Buck My Fuss         
  • Buck My Fuss + EQ         
  • Muck My Faster         
  • Rumble Begone!         
  • Bass Compressor         
  • Bass Distortion
  • Bass EQ         
  • Ride EQ         
  • Drum Bus for AUX Channel         
  • Drum Verb         
  • Drum Bus pre-Comp EQ         
  • Drum Bus + Transient Smacker!         
  • Drums over the Phone         
  • Transient Drum Bus         
  • Bright Acoustic         
  • Clean Electric Chorus and Delay         
  • Delay Verb         
  • Gentle Clean         
  • Guitar Bus EQ         
  • Guitar Solo Delay         
  • Guitar Solo Delayverb         
  • Lo-Fi Delay         
  • Simple Delay         
  • Space Echoes         
  • Warble Tron         
  • Brashy Hihat Fix         
  • Kick         
  • Miniature Piano         
  • Snare EQ 1         
  • Snare EQ 2         
  • Snare EQ 3         
  • Snare EQ 4         
  • Snare EQ 5         
  • High Synth Booster         
  • Synth Organicizer         
  • Floor Tom EQ         
  • Rack Tom 1 EQ         
  • Rack Tom 2 EQ         
  • Comp Clean Vox         
  • Crush My Vox NOW         
  • Death Metal Vox Comp         
  • Death Metal Vox Dirty         
  • Dirty My Voxies         
  • Lo-Fi Vocal Delay         
  • Telephone Vocals Smashed         
  • Vocal Chorus Delay         
  • Vocal Doubler

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