Toontrack EZmix 2 Songwriters' Tools Presets

Presets for EZmix specifically designed for songwriters

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With numerous hits and millions of record sales under his belt, songwriter, producer and avid Toontrack user Mitch Allan knows how speed and instant results is of essence when being in the creative zone.

"If I throw EZmix on something I recorded, it's really inspiring when the song comes together. It makes you feel like you are making a record even though you are only writing a song", Mitch Allan says.

Mitch has created a collection of presets specifically designed for songwriters; a tool box with the essentials you'll need when making that demo track, adding that harmony, making that vocal cut through or getting your drums to sit right in the final mix. All the way from the first chord to the last tweak on the master fader, the Songwriters Tools EZmix pack will help boost your creativity at the same time as it takes your tracks to new levels!

Effect chain presets include:

  • Aggro Bass          
  • Bark at the Moon          
  • Bass – Basic          
  • Rock Bass          
  • Shakin’ the Floor          
  • Trippy Bass          
  • Aggro Drums          
  • Drum Bus – Basic          
  • Loopmaker          
  • Medium Drum Room          
  • Racketball Drums          
  • Acoustic Guitar – Basic          
  • Acoustic Guitar with Reverb          
  • Acoustic in Small Room          
  • Aggro Acoustic          
  • Creamy and Dreamy          
  • Dripping          
  • Drippy and Dreamy          
  • Floyd Acoustic          
  • Nice One          
  • Rock Acoustic          
  • Trippy Acoustic          
  • 80s Guitar FX           
  • Bring Out That Riff           
  • Clean and Vibey           
  • Clean Rhythm           
  • Clean with Some Kick           
  • Cut Through the Mix           
  • Dripping with Delay           
  • Electric Guitar – Basic           
  • Fill Up That Space           
  • Just Kiss It           
  • Put That Amp Down the Hall           
  • Re-Amp It           
  • Rock My World           
  • Slide Up Aggression           
  • Soooo Vibey         
  • Creamy Piano          
  • Doubled Piano          
  • Long Hallway Piano          
  • Piano – Basic         
  • Short Hallway Piano          
  • Superbrite         
  • Warm Piano          
  • Big Wet Strings         
  • In Your Face Strings         
  • Strings – Basic         
  • Amped Up     
  • Distorted Vocal         
  • Doubled         
  • Male Vocal & Long Delay with Mod         
  • Sit in the Mix – Delay         
  • Sit in the Mix – Dry         
  • Sit in the Mix – Slap         
  • Slap Back         
  • Small Room Male Vox         
  • Small Room Male Vox with Slapback         
  • Soft Male Voice         
  • Soft Male Voice with FX         
  • Soft Male Voice with Reverb & Delay

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