Toontrack EZmix 2 The Mix Toolbox Presets

Designed to help you overcome those common mix and master hurdles

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The Toontrack Mix Toolbox Preset Pack is a collection of extremely well-crafted presets specially designed to overcome some of the most common mixing and mastering hurdles you might encounter when finishing off your tracks.

This preset pack is produced by Mixing/Mastering Engineer Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani Difranco, Americana EZX), who has crafted anything from complex chains of multiband compression, tape saturation and EQs for master busses to instrument-specific settings for vocals, guitars and drums.

The Mix Toolbox is a demonstration in how to keep things natural without compromising the ever so important in-your-face factor. It presents a collection of extremely well-crafted presets that all balance on Mark's more than 30 year history of mixing, mastering and producing know-how.

Tame the 1K in your overall mix with a tailor-made group bus, harness your low bass with the "Thinner" setting or remove some unwanted grit with the "Mud Be Gone" preset.

Open the Mix Toolbox. Harness your digital audio. Unleash your creativity.

Effect chain presets include:

  • 1 K Tamer          
  • Big Tube Compressor          
  • Bite Tamer          
  • Bus De-Esser          
  • Frequency Evener          
  • Less Attack     
  • Thinner          
  • Ambience and Gain          
  • Bass Thumpin’          
  • Beautiful Distortion          
  • Clean and Airy Gain          
  • Color and Gain          
  • Dynamic Harshness Remover          
  • Dynamic Mid Tamer 1000          
  • Dynamic Mid Tamer 500          
  • Gentle Squeeze          
  • Inflation Station          
  • Lo-Fi with EQ          
  • Low Shelf EQ Cut          
  • Mud Be Gone          
  • Multiband Color and Gain          
  • Multiband De-Esser          
  • Punchy, Clean and Loud          
  • Stereo Expander          
  • Bass De-Pick-Clicker         
  • Bass in the Face         
  • Bass Punch         
  • Cello to the Front         
  • Drum Pump         
  • Drum Shine         
  • Fake Room Mics         
  • Kit Inflator         
  • Lo-Fi Drums Drums     
  • Mud Removal         
  • Overhead Balancer         
  • Acoustic Tamer    
  • Acoustic Inflator         
  • Slide Tamer         
  • Slide Vibe         
  • Steel Guitar Vibe         
  • Lose the Point         
  • Kick-Ass Kick 1         
  • Kick-Ass Kick 2
  • B3 Bus     Organ     
  • Piano Compressor         
  • Snare Be There         
  • Tubby Snare Fix         
  • Big Vocal         
  • In Your Face         
  • Vocal Compressor One

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