Toontrack EZmix Cinematic Guitars

50 epic guitar tones for ambient soundscapes, scores and creative sound design

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In popular music, guitars are often typecast in a repeating pattern. They’re either loud and distorted in-your-face walls of sound, pummeling rhythms, shrieking leads or percussive strums – typically performed with variations of tones you’ve heard before. Toontrack claims that they can be more than that. With this collection of tones, they rewrite the role of the guitar in a composition.

Toontrack have run their amps through modulated effects, reversed echoes, delays, fuzz boxes, ambient reverbs, rotary effects...and come out on the other end with the most diverse and vibrant take on modern guitar to date. In this collection, a single chord can sound like an ocean, an ensemble of layered textures or a sombre, synth-like pad.


  • 50 guitar tones based on amp and cab simulation
  • For anything from soundscapes, scores and creative sound design to ambient, modern pop productions
  • Incorporates the complex EZmix 2 network of effects
  • From clean to distorted tones with various degrees of effect saturation

Expect anything from the beautifully soothing to the ominously haunting. This is a collection of guitar tones for any creative mind that likes to journey outside the box – in the box. Welcome to your new audio storyboard where the guitar is the villain, hero, anti-hero and leading man all rolled into one, enabling you to express any scene, motif or audio backdrop you can imagine.

Don’t let the title fool you – these tones transcend way beyond the silver screen. Welcome to a collection of guitar tones that literally reinvent the voice of the instrument.


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