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A massive collection of kicks and snares

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The Toontrack Kicks & Snares EZX is a veritable monster of a virtual drum toolbox for producers of all genres with a huge selection of multisampled individual kick drum and snare instruments, around 130 kick and snare voices, unique mix-ready kit presets and more. Enhance your drum production tools with one of Toontrack's most flexible and essential expansions to date – use it for custom kit creation, sound replacement and sound design to acoustic/organic, modern pop, hip-hop, ambient and electronic styles.

Toontrack know that the the two main ingredients in any mix regardless of style or genre are the kick and the snare and engineers and producers would undoubtedly agree. Their Kicks & Snares EZX will give you exactly that.. kicks and snares.  With 74 multi sampled and never before released instruments recorded in 8 of the finest studios across Australia and the UK, and with extensive alternative tuning and recorded configurations giving around 130 unique kick and snare voices in your arsenal.

What differentiates this EZX from the rest is that each kick and snare position has four extra channels featuring individually processed versions: ‘Sub,’ ‘Skin Lo,’ ‘Skin Hi’ and ‘Club/Stick.’ This will enable you to infinitely tweak and find your personal blends for each instrument.

In addition, the Kicks & Snares EZX comes with close to 100 unique kit presets covering anything from traditional/organic mixes to those involving elaborate sound design. To add, one set of toms, two crashes, one ride and one set of hi-hats are included for easy kit construction. Combined, this all makes this EZX a veritable monster of sound for broad use in anything from custom kit creation and sound replacement to acoustic/organic, modern pop, hip-hop, ambient and

EZdrummer 2 owner? Welcome to a mind-blowing toolbox of mix-ready kits and instruments. Superior Drummer 3 users? Revel in a near infinite palette of options that opens up for limitless sound design.


  • 31 multi-sampled, individual kick drum instruments
  • 43 multi-sampled, individual snare drum instruments
  • A wide range of alternative tunings and configurations, in total around
  • 130 kick and snare voices
  • Never-before-released material recorded in eight (8) different top
  • studios in Australia and the UK
  • Sampled by three different drummers for maximum variation (Chris
  • Whitten, Adam Falkner and Simon Ayton)
  • Also includes three toms, two crashes, one ride and one set of hi-
  • hats for easy kit construction
  • Close to 100 unique mix-ready kit presets covering anything from
  • traditional/organic mixes to those involving elaborate sound design
  • The perfect palette of raw material for sound design, custom kit
  • creation and sound replacement
  • Tailored for a broad use in anything from acoustic/organic to modern
  • pop, hip-hop, ambient and electronic
  • Includes a selection of backbeat-oriented MIDI grooves performed by
  • Darby Todd


Big, small, tight, open, different materials, sizes, makes and models – this collection of kicks has anything you can imagine
and more. Learn all about the included kicks and how they were configured and layered in the mixer.


Ringy, snappy, muffled, high and low in all the sizes, makes and models you can imagine – and then some. Learn all about the included snares and how they were configured and layered in the mixer.


While the Kicks & Snares EZX focuses primarily on kicks and snares, it still has a basic set of hats, cymbals and toms in order to enable you to quickly construct a traditional kit setup.


The Kicks & Snares EZX comes with a basic collection of backbeat-style grooves that enables you to get a beat going and get the proper feel for the sounds right away. As always, any groove can be infinitely customized using the ‘Edit Play Style’ feature in either EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer 3.


The Kicks & Snares EZX comes with more than 100 unique and individually engineered presets designed to cover a broad scope of sounds and near infinite range of use. Here's the Kicks & Snares Sound Designer, Mattias Eklund...

What was your idea behind this massive collection of presets?

Mattias Eklund: My goal was to make a collection of presets that covered as much sonic ground as possible. It turned out pretty enormous! From a creative aspect, I think it will appeal to users across all genres and styles and that it will trigger new ideas. At the end of the day, I think that is the most important thing.

What was the creative process like? Did you create with an end-sound in mind or did you simply go with the flow for each preset?

Mattias Eklund: When I do these sorts of things, I usually just go with the flow and rely solely on feel and vibe. In terms of effects and processing, we have tons of tools in the backend to work with. I can literally do anything that comes to mind. On a creative level, it’s sometimes a challenge to come up with this much content preset-wise, but I try to always think music when I’m engineering presets. Again, it’s all about sparking ideas and I hope and believe these presets, drums and kits will find their natural way into loads of your songs!


The raw content for the Kicks & Snares EZX was recorded over a long period of time in eight different top studios in Australia and the UK.


Undoubtedly one of the world’s most classic studios. The impeccable acoustics in this hall-like room are spot on for drums. For this session, the drums were screened off for even more variation. 


This is drummer Chris Whitten’s own studio. The drums picked for this session were captured in three different settings: a wood-paneled room, a stone room and an old grain silo – all through various vintage microphone pre-amps.


The room at this classic London still audio is large, reverberant and a perfect fit for loud drums. The control room features an API desk.


The centerpiece in Studio 1 at The Grove is a 56-channel SSL G Series desk. The room has a very live, loud and rowdy feel to it making it a perfect room for capturing big drum tones.


The second studio at The Grove was the first on the property and originally built by INXS’ bass player Garry Gary Beers. The Studio 2 room is considerably smaller, more dry and much more apt for tight and in-your-face type of tones. The control room features a ‘70s 4032 Harrison desk.


This studio was founded by The Kinks and is operated by one of its original members, Ray Davies. The room, which is medium-sized and has wood panelling on the walls and floors of hardwood, sounds amazing for drums. The crown jewel of the control room is an early ‘70s Neve console.


In this stellar room, the drums were recorded through a classic East German RFZ console. 


Having celebrated its 90th birthday as Australia’s longest running professional recording studio, this place is truly a landmark in the audio industry. Studio 1, in which we captured our instruments, houses a Neve 88R console and a perfectly crafted, spacious live room. We placed the drums in a booth to give you the option of a less ambient, more muffled sound as well.


Kicks & Snares EZX in Superior Drummer 3...

Kicks & Snares EZX with Tracker and Superior Drummer 3...

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3 GB free disk space, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).
A working EZdrummer 2.1.7 or Superior Drummer 3.1.2 (or above) installation.