Toontrack EZX - The Blues

Two complete drum kits delivering warm and characteristic Blues sounds

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Toontrack Blues EZX is the company's 17th EZX expansion pack for EZdrummer or Superior Drummer and features two vintage kits and plenty of extras to deliver Blues drums that range from the old school to the modern.

The two complete kits – a 1970s Gretsch and a calkskinned Swedish Levin set from the 1940s, are complemented by contemporary Paiste and Sabian crashes, vintage Zildjan A and K series cymbals as well as extras such as a suitcase and a set of calfskinned tambourines.

All the instruments in the Blues EZX were handpicked and in many cases road-worn by the sampling drummer himself – Hans Lindbäck – a Blues musician with more than half a century´s worth of experience.

The result is an amalgamation of new and old; warm and characteristic sounds that cover the whole range from old school to modern, from dry to ambient.


  • Two complete kits (1970s Gretsch & 1940s Levin)
  • Sabian/Paiste/Zildjian A & K cymbals
  • Calfskin drumheads on Levin kit
  • Suitcase & two vintage calfskinned Grover tambourines
  • Included custom MIDI library

Instruments include:



  • Kick 1 - 14x20" Gretsch 1970s
  • Kick 2 - 14x28" Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads


  • Snare 1 - 5.5x14" Slingerland Radio King 1964 with Remo vintage drumhead
  • Snare 2 - 5.5x14" Premier 1960s wood snare with calfskin drumhead
  • Snare 3 - 6.5x14" Premier 1937 brass snare


  • Tom 1, kit 1 - 8x12" Gretsch 1970s
  • Tom 2, kit 1 - 14x14" Gretsch 1970s
  • Tom 1, kit 2 - 9x12" Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads high tuned
  • Tom 2, kit 2 - 9x12" Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads low tuned

Hi Hats:

  • Hat 1 - 14" Zildjian New Beat (top) / Rock Beat (bottom)


  • Ride 1 - 19" Zildjian A 1960s with rivets
  • Ride 2 - 20" Zildjian A 1960s
  • Position 1, Crash 1 - 16" Paiste
  • Position 1, Crash 2 - 16" Sabian hand hammered Dark Crash
  • Position 1, Crash 3 - 12" Zildjian A 1960s
  • Position 1, Crash 4 - 10" Zildjian K 1960s
  • Position 3, Crash 1 - 18" Zildjian K 1960s
  • Position 3, Crash 2 - 18" Sabian hand hammered Thin Crash


  • Suitcase (Kick 3)
  • Tambourine 1 - Grover Tambourine, German silver bells
  • Tambourine 2 - Grover Tambourine, copper bells

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"...a wonderfully organic, easy-going sound that allows it to slot right into a typical old-school blues arrangement." - Paul White, Sound on Sound (Rating: 5/5)

"A highly nuanced and characterful expansion pack that perfectly counterbalances the more modern and upfront sounds of previous EZX packs. Definitely worth a look if you're after something a little more subtle." - MusicTech (Rating: 9/10)

"In short, the Blues EZX is a solid, high quality set of drum kits and grooves that are great for blues music and beyond." -

Tech Specs

Product Type:


Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • EZdrummer version 1.3 or above, or Superior Drummer 2.3 or above.
  • 1 GB free disc space
  • 512 MB RAM