Toontrack EZX - Traditional Country

Stellar collection of drums recorded at the Quonset Hut Studio in Nashville

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The Toontrack Traditional Country EZX comes with a stellar collection of drums recorded at the Quonset Hut Studio, the first-ever recording studio on the now world-famous Music Row in Nashville, TN. The first incarnation was opened to the public in 1955 before it was ultimately sold to Columbia and operated under the name of Columbia Studio B until it closed in 1982.

Today, it serves as a recording classroom for the Belmont University. However, its legacy lives on vicariously through the iconic music of pioneering artists such as Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, all of whom cut timeless songs at “The Hut”.


  • 2 kits sampled with sticks (Rogers, Ludwig)
  • 1 kit sampled with sticks and brushes (Apollo)
  • 3 additional snare drums
  • Recorded at the legendary Quonset Hut Studios in Nashville, TN
  • Engineered to replicate a late 1950s session
  • Includes a selection of drum MIDI grooves


With the guidance of original players, staff, drawings and notes from the era, producer Glenn Rosenstein and master engineer Jeff Balding were able to accurately replicate the sound of an authentic 1950s session. The drums include two late ‘50s and early ‘60s sets by Rogers and Ludwig as well as a truly unique Apollo MIJ kit, all captured with period-correct gear and saturated by the inimitable magic of the studio that played one of the most influential roles in shaping the Nashville country music sound.

With the Traditional Country EZX, you walk in the footsteps of those that blazed trails for what country music is today. Those who helped weave the cultural fabric of Nashville and made Music Row the undisputed creative hub for songwriters, artists and the country music industry as a whole.

Instruments include:



  • 16x22" Rogers (1962)


  • 5x14" Rogers (1962)

Rack Tom:

  • 9x13" Rogers (1962)

Floor Tom

  • 16x16" Rogers (1962)




  • 12x28" Ludwig Keystone (1959, sampled as high and low-tuned versions)


  • 10x14" Ludwig Keystone converted tom (1960, sampled as high and low-tuned versions)

Floor Tom:

  • 16x16" Ludwig Keystone (1961, sampled with sticks and brushes)




  • 16x22" Apollo (1960s)

Rack Tom:

  • 8x12" Apollo (1960s, sampled with sticks and brushes)

Floor Tom

  • 16x16" Apollo (1960s, sampled with sticks and brushes)

Additional snare drums:

  • 6x14" Leedy (1940s)
  • 6,5x14” Slingerland Radio King (sampled with sticks and brushes)


  • 14" Zidjian A (1960s)
  • 14" Zidjian A (1960s, sampled with brushes)

Ride cymbals:

  • 20" Zildjian A (1950s, sampled with sticks and brushes)
  • 18" Zildjian A (1950s)

Crash cymbals:

  • 18" Zildjian A (1950s, hi-hat side)
  • 18" Zildjian A ride (1950s, ride side)
  • 18" Zildjian A (1950s, hi-hat side, sampled with brushes)
  • 14" Zidjian hi-hat top (ride side, sampled with sticks and brushes)




  • Neumann U47 Tube - UA610
  • RCA 77 - UA610


  • Neumann KM84 - UA610

Hi hat:

  • Neumann KM84 - UA610

Rack Toms:

  • Neumann KM84 - UA610

Floor Tom:

  • Neumann KM84 - UA610

Stereo OH:

  • Neumann KM84 - UA610

Mono OH:

  • Neumann KM64 Tube - UA610

Mono kit:

  • RCA 77 - Tree Audio The Branch

Stereo room:

  • Neumann U67 - Neve V console

Mono room:

  • RCA 77 - Tree Audio The Branch

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"The best drums for acoustic based music, hands down. Flexible tweaking means having the perfect kit, with miles of vibe." - MusicTech (Rating: 9/10)

"Top marks. Fantastic product. A much welcome expansion pack that I believe is completely in keeping with the EZdrummer workflow." - ProTools Expert

"With it's warm, old-school sound, this is another worthy addition to the EZdrummer 2 line-up." - Computer Music

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Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • EZdrummer 2, or Superior Drummer 2.4.0 (or above)
  • 1 GB free disk space,
  • Internet connection for content download
  • This new EZX will not work with EZdrummer 1