Toontrack Mark Lewis Metal Tones EZmix Pack

50 unique settings for guitar and bass, straight from the hands of Mark Lewis

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Having shaped the sound of acts like Whitechapel, DevilDriver, Trivium and Coal Chamber, Mark Lewis has risen to become one of the top names in modern metal production. One of his signature traits, always a given in any production bearing the Lewis sonic seal, is the wall of guitars – deafening, yet defined, balanced and distinguishable.

In this collection of settings for EZmix 2, he revisited some of his classic productions to detract the essence of what made the guitars live and breathe. In addition, he created all-new tones from scratch. Expect anything from subtle finesse to raw, unadulterated power – tones capturing the entire range of the extremes.

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  • Approx. 50 guitar/bass settings based on amp and cab simulation
  • Engineered by Mark Lewis
  • Rhythm, lead, clean and ambient tones

Effect chain presets include:

  • Battle Bass         
  • Chamber Bass         
  • Clean Active Finger Bass         
  • MOTB Bass         
  • Nasty Corpse Bass         
  • Polished Chorus Bass         
  • Unearth Grind Bass         
  • Abyss Rhythm         
  • Arsis Lead         
  • Battle Lead         
  • Battlecross Thrash Rhythm         
  • BDM Rhythm         
  • Blade Lead         
  • Blade Mark Rhythm         
  • British Winter Rhythm         
  • Cannibal Rhythm         
  • Chapel Clean         
  • Chapel Saw Rhythm         
  • Clean Dirt Pan         
  • Dark Mysterious Lead         
  • Dead To Rhythm         
  • Death Thrash Rhythm         
  • Dei Riffer Rhythm         
  • Dementia Rhythm         
  • Dieselfight Rhythm         
  • Dirty Rotary Clean         
  • Edge USA Clean         
  • Ethereal Clean         
  • Flangey Sync Clean         
  • Gross Chamber Rhythm         
  • Iron 6550 Rhythm         
  • Knight Lead         
  • Legend 800 Lead         
  • Mars Thrash Rhythm         
  • Modern Riffer Rhythm         
  • Modern Tele Clean         
  • Modern Thrash Rock Rhythm         
  • Monstrosity Death Rhythm         
  • Monstrosity Lead         
  • New World Thrash Rhythm         
  • Punchy Threat Rhythm         
  • Saw Law Rhythm    
  • Spanky Space Clean         
  • Trust No Rhythm         
  • Uber Thrash Rhythm         
  • Unearth Rhythm    
  • USA Rock Rhythm         
  • Warm Mod Clean    
  • Winter Kill Rhythm         
  • XTC Lead

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