Toontrack Modern Funk EZbass MIDI Pack

EZbass MIDI playing styles inspired by modern funk

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Funk is the ultimate no-stops and no-holds-barred playground for bass. In a funk groove, literally anything goes – slapping, popping, double-stops, triple-stops, picking, tapping and the list goes on. But at the same time as it takes playfulness and creativity beyond the convention, it never strays from its basic core value: locking in with the drums to form a bedrock-solid groove foundation. Because, if there’s one genre out of them all in which the groove is central, it’s funk.

This EZbass MIDI pack concentrates on funk of the past few decades and delivers a stellar collection of modern-sounding, big, bold, inventive and savvy basslines for songs where the bass will be the obvious showstopper. Remember: The mother of all grooves has yet to be written. Go for it!

Modern Funk EZbass MIDI Key Features

  • EZbass MIDI playing styles inspired by modern funk and other related genres

  • Created by session player Laurence Cottle

  • Organized in convenient song parts (intro, verse, pre-chorus and chorus)

  • 3/4, 4/4 and 7/8 in straight and/or swing feel with tempos ranging from 80 BPM to 141 BPM

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    Product Specs:

    System Requirements 
    • Requires Toontrack EZbass 1.0.6 (or above).