Toontrack SDX: New York Studios Vol 3

Three full kits and additional snares recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City

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This is the much anticipated continuation of Toontrack’s New York Studios Legacy series, focusing on capturing the best studios in the New York area. Recorded in the renowned Avatar Studios and featuring several vintage and custom kits, this session is best described as a prequel to the much praised core library in Toontrack’s award-winning Superior Drummer, also recorded in Avatar studios and by the same team, engineer duo Neil Dorfsman and Pat Thrall together with drummer Nir Z.

Avatar Studios is known for having one of the world’s finest acoustic environments for recording and has won several industry awards. Since its inception in the 1970s, it’s hosted bands and artists like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Journey, Kings of Leon and The Clash.

The drums were recorded through a Neve 8068 console and signal chains of modern and vintage studio gear by an engineer/drummer team that has decades worth of experience behind the console and in the tracking room. Between them, they have worked with artists covering the whole gamut of genres, from classic rock (Kiss,Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen) to soul (Joss Stone, John Mayer) and modern pop (Beyoncé, Katy Perry).


  • Recorded in the legendary Avatar Studios in New York City
  • 18 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded through Neve, Pultec and GML signal chains
  • 3 full kits (Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers) and additional snares
  • Several setups of different cymbals
  • Included MIDI library played by session drummer Nir Z
  • Included presets for instant mix-ready sounds

Instrument List  (DS = Drumsticks, HR = Rods , BR = Brushes, FM = Felt mallets, NS = Sticks with no snares, ALL = All tools)

Kick drums

  • 14×20″ Rogers 1966 (Felt beater, plastic beater)
  • 14×20″ Slingerland 1964 (Felt beater, plastic beater)
  • 16×24″ Ludwig Maple Shell 1979 (Felt beater, plastic beater)

Snare drums

  • 5.5×14″ Burned Edge Zebra Snare (DS)
  • 5.5×14″ GMS Aluminum Nir Z Prototype High Tuned (DS)
  • 5.5×14″ GMS Aluminum Nir Z Prototype Low Tuned (DS)
  • 5.5×14″ Rogers Kenton 1963 (DS)
  • 5.5×14″ Slingerland Wood 1964 (DS)
  • 6.5×14″ Ludwig Black Beauty 1982 (DS)


  • 16″ Manhattan HHX Crash/16″ HH Medium Crash (DS)


  • 10×12″ Slingerland 1964 (DS)
  • 11×13″ Ludwig Maple Shell 1979 (DS)
  • 9×12″ Rogers 1966 (DS)


  • 10×13″ Rogers 1966 (DS)
  • 14×14″ Slingerland 1964 (DS)
  • 16×16″ Ludwig Maple Shell 1979 (DS)
  • 16×16″ Rogers 1966 (DS)
  • 16×16″ Slingerland 1964 (DS)
  • 16×18″ Ludwig Maple Shell 1979 (DS)

Ride cymbals

  • 22″ AA Classic Ride (DS)
  • 22″ AA Soundcontrol (DS)
  • 22″ Artisan Ride (DS)

Crash cymbals

  • 14″ Sabian HHX Evolution Crash (DS)
  • 16″ Handhammered HH Duo Crash/17″ Evolution Effeks Crash (DS)
  • 16″ Sabian HHXtreme Crash (DS)
  • 17″ Sabian AA Thin Crash (DS)
  • 17″ Sabian HHX Legacy Crash (DS)
  • 17″ Sabian HHX Xtreme Crash (DS)
  • 18″ Sabian AA Thin Crash (DS)
  • 18″ Sabian HHX Legacy Crash (DS)
  • 18″ Sabian HHX Manhattan Crash (DS)
  • 18″ Sabian Hand hammered HH Thin Crash (DS)

Chinese cymbals

  • 12″ Wuhan Chinese (DS)
  • 14″ Sabian AAX Mini Chinese (DS)
  • 16″ Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone Crash (DS)
  • 17″ Sabian Evolution HHX Effeks Crash (DS)
  • 20″ Sabian HHX Chinese (DS)

Splash cymbals

  • 10″ MAXX STAX Splash (DS)
  • 10″ Sabian HHX Splash (DS)
  • 12″ Sabian HHX Evolution Splash (DS)

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"Toontrack have another hit on their hands. If you´re serious about your drum sounds, this SDX for Superior Drummer 2 is worth hearing." - Sound on Sound (Rating 5/5)

"The recording quality throughout is stellar and making your own presets by mixing up kit elements and working the SD mixer is as fun and productive as ever." - Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

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