Toontrack SDX: Roots, Brushes, Rods & Mallets

Massive selection of brushes, rods and mallets recorded in Nashville

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Toontrack went to Nashville's Blackbird Studio to record the ultimate Jazz library but walked out with something far bigger; drums that transcend the narrow confines of a genre and rather define an era - an age of music spanning from Jazz, Blues to Hip Hop and Rock.

Having a massive selection of instruments as well as Blackbird Studio's stock of 1400 Microphones, 35 channels of Pultec EQ, 24 channels of Fairchild compression and hundreds of outboard mic/pre channels including Telefunken, Neve, API, RCA and Chandler at Toontrack's disposal, the signal chain that the Roots SDX™ libraries were recorded through would leave even the most seasoned veterans in utter awe. And as you can hear from the demos, the result isn't only natural, warm and inviting, it has an almost seductive magic to it.

Toontrack SDX: Roots, Brushes, Rods & Mallets key features: 

  • Recorded by Roy “Futureman” Wooten in Blackbird Studio Nashville, TN
  • Approximately 28 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds
  • A total of 23 separately recorded, tweakable channels available in the mixer
  • Custom MIDI included
  • Large selection of different drums and cymbals (Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig, Zildjian, Paiste)

Instrument list (DS = Drumsticks, HR = Rods , BR = Brushes, FM = Felt mallets, NS = Sticks with no snares, ALL = All tools)

Kick drums

  • 18″ Pearl Reference Series (Felt beater)
  • 22″ Gretsch USA Custom Series (Felt beater, Plastic beater)
  • 22″ Ludwig Maple Psychedelic (Felt beater)
  • 22″ Ludwig Maple Psychedelic Damped (Felt beater)
  • 28″ Camco (Felt beater)

Snare drums

  • 14″ Pearl 50th Anniversary Solid Maple Shell (BR, HR, FM)


  • 14″ Masterworks Meritamon Series (BR, HR, FM)


  • 10″ Gretsch USA Custom (BR, HR, FM)
  • 12″ Pearl Reference Series (BR, HR, FM)


  • 14″ Pearl Reference Series (BR, HR, FM)
  • 16″ Slingerland Radioking (BR, HR, FM)

Ride cymbals

  • 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople (BR, HR, FM)
  • 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople Medium (BR, HR, FM)

Crash cymbals

  • 22″ Bosphorus Ferit Series (BR, HR, FM)
  • 22″ Sabian HHX Manhattan Ride (BR, FM)

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"If you're serious about your drum samples, Superior Drummer is definitely up there with the best, and for jazz musicians looking for some utterly convincing drum sounds and performances, the two Roots SDX packs both sound wonderful. Highly recommended." - Sound on Sound (Rating 5/5)

"Rods, Mallets and Brushes is decidedly jazzy, although singer-songwriters will love the gently impactful sounds of the hotrods. Sticks is clearly the more versatile option - it comprises a rich, well-conceived repository of sounds, some tight and funky, others looser and more rocky. Overall, Roots doesn't need any genre-based marketing tags adding to it - it's simply a beautifully recorded, hugely flexible drum library." - Compute Music 

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