Toontrack SDX: The Rock Warehouse

Three full drum kits plus additional kicks, snares and cymbals

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Randy Staub, one of the world’s most noted rock producers. The breathtaking acoustics of the massive room at Vancouver’s world-famous The Warehouse Studio. Mint condition drums, tuned to perfection. All recorded using the best dynamic, ribbon and condenser mics money can buy, through chains of rare vintage outboard and finally saturated by one of the only three existing Neve AIR consoles. Add all that and you have The Rock Warehouse SDX – a drum sample recording firmly grounded in the roots and fundamentals of rock but that goes above and beyond any genre or convention. Simply put: drums, recorded with utmost craftsmanship in one of the finest facilities in the world.

The Rock Warehouse SDX comes with a broad scope of drum selections and presents a total of three full kits, two extra kicks, three additional snares and an extensive collection of cymbals. From the modern edge of the Ayotte Custom kit, the warm and round sound of the Gretsch USA Custom set to the massive strike of the Dunnett Titanium drums, your options span from tight and snappy to big and ambient. The recording was engineered and produced by Randy Staub. With mixing credits on some of the best selling rock albums ever (Metallica‘s “Black Album”, Nickelback‘s “Silver Side Up”, Avril Lavigne‘s “Under My Skin”) and a catalogue that spans close to 300 productions, he is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and noted producers of the past decades. Add to that the touch and feel of sampling drummer Ryan Vikedal (ex-Nickelback) and the result is undeniable.

Drums. As good as they come.


  • Engineered by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback, Mötley Crüe)
  • Recorded through a rare Neve AIR console (originally one of the three consoles custom-built by Rupert Neve exclusively for AIR Studios)
  • Approx. 20 GB of raw, unprocessed drums
  • Three complete kits
  • Two extra kicks, three additional snares, three sets of cymbals
  • Additional percussion pieces: tambourine and cowbell
  • Extensive rock oriented MIDI library performed by Ryan Vikedal (ex-Nickelback)

Instrument list (DS = Drumsticks, HR = Rods , BR = Brushes, FM = Felt mallets, NS = Sticks with no snares, ALL = All tools)

Kick drums

  • 14×20″ 60s Ludwig
  • 14×26″ Dunnett Titanium
  • 18×22″ Ayotte Custom Low Tuned
  • 18×22″ Ayotte Custom Maple
  • 18×22″ Gretsch USA Custom
  • 18×24″ Ayotte Custom

Snare drums

  • 4×13″ Ayotte Custom Maple (DS)
  • 5.5×14″ Ludwig Black Beauty (DS)
  • 5×14″ Gretsch USA Custom (DS)
  • 5×14″ Gretsch USA Custom Low Tuned (DS)
  • 5×14″ Jeff Ocheltree (DS)
  • 6.5×14″ Ayotte Keplinger (DS)
  • 8×14″ Ludwig Black Magic (DS)
  • 8×14″ Ludwig Black Magic Muted (DS)


  • 14″ Zildjian New Beat (DS)
  • 15″ Zildjian Mastersound (DS)
  • 15″ Zildjian Mastersound / New Beat (DS)


  • 7×10″ Gretsch USA Custom (DS)
  • 8×12″ Ayotte Custom (DS)
  • 8×12″ Dunnett Titanium (DS)
  • 8×12″ Gretsch USA Custom (DS)
  • 9×13″ Ayotte Custom (DS)


  • 14×14″ Gretsch USA Custom (DS)
  • 16×16″ Ayotte Custom (DS)
  • 16×16″ Dunnett Titanium (DS)
  • 16×16″ Gretsch USA Custom (DS)
  • 16×18″ Ayotte Custom (DS)

Ride cymbals

  • 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople (DS)
  • 22″ Zildjian Avedis (DS)

Crash cymbals

  • 17″ Zildjian A Custom (DS)
  • 17″ Zildjian Medium Crash Custom (DS)
  • 18″ Zildjian A Custom (DS)
  • 18″ Zildjian K Dark Crash (DS)
  • 18″ Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash (DS)
  • 19″ Zildjian A Custom (DS)
  • 19″ Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash (DS)
  • 20″ Zildjian Medium Crash (DS)

China cymbals

  • 14″ Zildjian Oriental China / 18″ Zildjian Dark Crash (DS)
  • 16″ Zildjian China High (DS)
  • 17″ Zildjian K China (DS)

Splash cymbals

  • 10″ Zildjian K Splash (DS)
  • 12″ Zildjian K Splash (DS)


  • Tambourine (DS)
  • Ludwig Cowbell by Paiste (DS)

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"Toontrack's Rock Warehouse offers a diverse range of drums that will appeal to the widest part of Toontrack's user-base. If you can´t get the rock drum sound you're after with this set, we'd suggest you start playing jazz." - Rhythm magazine

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