Umlaut Audio Behemoth

Hits and impact fx tailor-made for use in a variety of scoring situations

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Umlaut Audio Behemoth is a collection of 100 Individual hits and impact FX sounds. Tailor-made for use in a variety of scoring situations, the sounds range from short impacts to long riser-hit combinations. The sounds are earthy and wooly, concealed, but full and close, like the chest feel of loud fireworks or the falling of a heavy object on a neighbours floor. These are sounds you feel in your feet, and under your clothes - more physical than aural. They are full sounding with enough energy to be effective without diving into the sub frequencies.


  • 100 individual hits and impact fx sounds
  • Earthy, big gloomy and dark
  • Mix and match
  • Drag and drop to your daw


  • 100 sounds
  • 1GB +
  • 24Bit 48kHz
  • WAV files

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