Vir2 Instruments Studio Kit Builder

Create your perfect kit from hundreds of drums and a host of powerful features

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Vir2 Studio Kit Builder brings together the most complete collection of acoustic drum kits ever delivered into one Kontakt-powered plugin. With 130 drum kit pieces and more than 50 prebuilt drum kits, you can create your perfect drum kit whatever your choice of style and genre.

In addition to the comprehensive collection of drums, you also get full control over multiple mic positions and multi-track mixing of the kit. The huge variety of built-in MIDI grooves make the job of creating pristine and professional drum parts simple whether you're working on a sultry brush groove or a hard-hitting metal track.

From pop, rock and drum and bass, to blues, jazz, metal and beyond, this dynamic drumming virtual instrument is hugely versatile.

The main interface allows you to easily click-and-choose any kit piece, and thanks to the fast optimized load time, it's possible to audition any drum or cymbal on the fly and build new custom kits within seconds. Shape the acoustics using the versatile mixer, which includes several high quality effects on every channel and bus for precise tonal shaping. For added flexibility, route individual mixer channels to separate outputs for traditional mixing in your sequencer. Studio Kit Builder quickly adapts to any workflow or style.

Over one thousand MIDI files across dozens of styles are provided to help build a drum track quickly. MIDI files can be dropped into your sequencer directly from the Studio Kit Builder interface.



  • Balladeer
  • Blue Jazz Soft Beater
  • Blue Jazz Roomy 1
  • Blue Jazz Roomy 2
  • Canopus
  • Fiberglass 24"
  • Gretsch Booty Rumble
  • Gretsch 8O´s 1
  • Gretsch 8O´s 2
  • Gretsch 8O´s 3
  • Jungle
  • Ludwig 26"
  • Ludwig Vistalite
  • MetalRoomy 1
  • MetalRoomy 2
  • Metal Roomy Deep
  • Metal Roomy Clicky
  • Punch Drunk
  • Punchy Bright
  • Punchy Dark
  • Snappy Rock
  • Sonor Modern Rock
  • Steve Williams Slingerland 24"
  • Tama Rockstar 22"
  • Tama Superstar 22"
  • Vintage 70´s
  • Zep Huge Rock


  • Ayotte Maple 14x4”
  • Ayotte 14x5"
  • Ayotte 14xS"´ Blastix
  • Ayotte 14x5" Brush
  • Ayotte Steel 14x6..5"´
  • Ayotte Steel 14x6.5" Blastix
  • Beefy 13x6”
  • Borg 14x6"´
  • Blue Jazz Big Band
  • Blue Jazz Brush
  • Blue Jazz
  • Carlton Vintage 14x2.5”
  • Conopus Aluminum 14x6.5"
  • Conopus Zelkouo 14x6.5”
  • Fibes Acrylic 14x4.5”
  • Jungle
  • Kids Toy
  • Kids Toy Blastix
  • Kids Toy Brush
  • Lo-Fi High Pitch
  • Kitchen Smacker
  • Ludwig Acrolite 14x5"
  • Ludwig Vistalite
  • Mapex Brass 14x6.5”
  • Marching Snare 1
  • Marching Snare 2
  • Pearl FFS Brass 14x5”
  • Rogers 14x5”
  • Solid Piccolo 14x3.5”
  • Solid Piccolo 14x3.5” Blastix
  • Soulful Brush
  • Steve Wliliams 14x7"
  • Tama Piccolo 12x3”
  • Tama Rockstar
  • 70's Muted
  • 80’s Phatness

Toms (Four sizes)

  • Big Band Toms
  • Big Band Toms Brush
  • Blue Jazz Toms
  • Brush Toms
  • Canopus Toms
  • Casual Toms
  • Jungle Toms
  • Lo-Fi Toms
  • Lo-Fi Toms Blastix
  • Lo-Fi Toms Brush
  • Ludwig Toms
  • Ludwig Vistalite Toms
  • Raw Toms
  • Sonor Toms
  • Sparkle Toms
  • Steve Williams Slingerland Toms
  • Tama Rockstar Power Toms
  • Tama Rockstar Toms
  • Towel Toms
  • Toy Toms
  • Vintage 60’s Toms
  • Vintage 70’s Toms

Hi Hats

  • Blue Big Band
  • Blue Big Band Brush
  • Blue Jazz
  • Bojangles
  • Lo-Fi Trashy
  • Paiste Dark Energy 14”
  • Sabian AA HiHat 15”
  • Zildjian K Dark 14”


  • Blue Big Band High Ride
  • Blue Big Band Low Ride
  • Blue Brush High Ride Brush
  • Blue Brush Low Ride Brush
  • Blue Jazz High Ride
  • Blue Jazz Low Ride
  • Paiste Dry Heavy Ride 21”
  • Sabian HH Jazz Ride 20”
  • Sabian Manhattan Ride 20”
  • Zildjian K Custom Ride 22”


  • Blue Big Band High Crash
  • Blue Big Band Medium Crash
  • Blue Big Band Low Crash
  • Blue Brush Band High Crash Brush
  • Blue Brush Band Medium Crash Brush
  • Blue Brush Band Low Crash Brush
  • Blue Jazz High Crash
  • Blue Jazz Medium Crash
  • Blue Jazz Low Crash
  • Sabian AAX Dark Crash 19”
  • Sabian Vault Crash 17”
  • Sabian Vault Crash 20”
  • Toy Crash
  • Zildjian Crash O Doom 20”
  • Zildjian Custom EFX 16”
  • Zildjian Custom EFX 18”
  • Zildjian K Custom Crash 16”
  • Zildjian K Custom Crash 18”
  • Zildjian Remix EFX Cymbal 16”


  • Zildjian Splash 8”
  • Zildjian Splash 12”

China Cymbals

  • Paiste Think China 14”
  • Paiste Think China 20”
  • Sabian Paragon China 19”
  • Zildjian Trash China 18”

Special FX

  • Zildjian Zilbell 9.5”

This product works with the free Kontakt Player – a free sample player based on Kontakt 5 that runs all Native Instruments’ KONTAKT instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform.

You can download the Kontakt Player via this link (will take you to Native Instruments website)

Instruments made for Kontakt Player will also run in the full (paid for) version of Kontakt.

Please click on the link below to view the download and install guide for this product.

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

" step beyond your average Kontakt drum library." - Computer Music

"...offers pretty decent value for money and I can imagine it proving popular." - Sound on Sound (Rating 4/5)

"A useful tool for library music, sync or anyone who needs a large palette of rhythm sounds in one place." - Music Tech

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt library

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Requires Free Kontakt Player 5 or higher