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4 world-class, unique virtual guitars

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The 4-in-1 bundle is the only legit alternative to having bunch of world-class guitarists on call 24/7. The studio upgrade of choice for professional composers and producers for maximum efficiency and realism. Unleash your creativity and focus on writing music.

Meeting that deadline with no guitarist handy? Creating a convincing temp track on a budget? Composing a layout to be re-recorded with real instruments later? Our team of virtual guitar heroes has got your back: They turn your ideas into authentic killer tracks in no time. 100% real professional guitar performances follow your direction through custom VG technology. On any digital audio workstation supporting VST, AU, & AAX.

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Virtual Guitarist SILK is a concert guitar accompaniment virtuoso. From delicate, strings-only singer-/songwriter arrangements to vivid dance and pop ornaments, SILK enables a wide range of styles in your production’s sonic color palette.

Elevate and decorate your songs with more than 60 Styles, and 670 Phrases, multiple microphone positions, and custom effects. We recorded Virtual Guitarist SILK with a precious, mint condition German concert guitar built by a renowned instrument maker master in 1967. Our custom in-phase recording and editing techniques and a customized channel strip provide you access to sophisticated microphone set-ups and full control over play position and sound character.

  • Classy nylon guitar finger picking
  • More than 60 Styles and 670 Phrases
  • Arpeggios, patterns and chord riffs
  • From clean and smooth to vivid fortissimo
  • NKS compatible

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    When you're looking for powerful riffs and power chords, Virtual Guitarist IRON is your weapon of choice. IRON adds power riffs from subtle crunchy to furious roaring to your production. It comes with 100 Styles, over 1100 Phrases, multiple amps, and effects.

    Custom hand-wound humbucker and single coil pickups were built into a rare, selected Strat - for a powerful, outstanding sound character. Built-in amp simulation based on handpicked vintage amps and speaker cabinets provides for a large range of high-end sound characters and lets you tweak the sound, even after the fact.

    • Powerful distorted chords and interval riffs
    • 100 Styles and over 1100 Phrases
    • Built-in amp/speaker emulations and effects section
    • Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatness

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    In the mood for livid steel-string acoustic guitar strums? Virtual Guitarist AMBER is your musical companion. AMBER adds warm and shiny strumming to your production. It comes loaded with more than 50 Styles, over 600 Phrases, multiple effects, and sound shaping controls.

    After testing and measuring dozens of combinations of high-end guitars and microphones, the team at Virtual Guitarist found sonic delight: A boutique American vintage dreadnought and a legendary German vintage large diaphragm microphone. For even more sonic versatility we’ve captured the guitar pickup too

    • Steel-string acoustic guitar strumming
    • More than 50 Styles and 600 Phrases
    • From full-bodied warm to metallic-sparkling bright
    • Select or mix between microphone and pick-up signal

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    Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE is your specialist for chords, octaves and single note riffs. From clean to crunchy, twangy to fat: 60s grit, 70s disco, 80s glam, 90s brit pop, 00s indie and contemporary electronic pop – SPARKLE has got you covered.

    Add color and gloss to your songs with almost 100 Styles, over 1000 Phrases, multiple amp/cabinet combinations, and custom effects. We recorded Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE with a customized vintage guitar for that legendary bell-like single-coil sound. Think Tele, Strat, & Jag. Our emulations of hand-picked vintage amps and speaker cabinets ensure classy tone and vibrant character.

    • Clean to crunchy pop guitar
    • Single-note, octave and chord riffs
    • More than 90 Styles and 1000 Phrases
    • From funky clean to indie rock
    • NKS compatible

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