VSL SYNCHRON-ized Elements

Offering a host of other-worldly sonic effects using the Synchron Player’s extensive plug-in and routing options.

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The unique instruments from VSL's VI Elements Collection have long been a trade secret for composers and sound designers, capturing their imagination with its archaic sounds that range from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes. For the SYNCHRON-ized version, VSL have expanded the library’s breadth of sound, not only by adding more extraordinary instruments, but also by creating a host of other-worldly sonic effects using the Synchron Player’s extensive plug-in and routing options. New instruments include a second lithophone, another waterphone, several tam-tams, rails, thunder sheets, crotales, ocean drums and many more.

The sound sources of SYNCHRON-ized Elements comprise water (Waterphones), metal (singing bowls, crotales, steel rails, tam-tams), stone (lithophones), and glass (glass harmonica, verrophone, bottles). With a variety of included mixer presets, each instrument can be placed at nine different positions in the main hall of Synchron Stage Vienna for a perfect, out-of-the-box sound.

The Waterphone was invented by Richard Waters in 1967, inspired by the African kalimba, the nail violin and the Tibetan water drum. The instrument consists of a closed water-filled body of stainless steel or bronze and a hollow-cylindrical neck. Metal rods of different lengths are attached vertically around the neck and are usually scraped with a bow. The sound can be modified by pivoting the water-filled body. Like the triangle and the piccolo, the Waterphone’s high-frequency sound can be heard even when the entire orchestra is playing. The Bass Waterphone is a particularly large model with a diameter of 35 cm (13 ¾ ").

The glass harmonica was widely popular during Mozart's time. Hemispherical glass bowls rotate around a horizontal axis driven by a pedal. By putting wet fingers on the bowls as they turn they excite the glass into lovely ethereal tones. The verrophone consists of chromatic glass tubes arranged vertically like the resonator tubes of mallet instruments. The glass tubes are rubbed with moistened fingers to create its unique sound. The musical glasses are filled with varying amounts of water and rubbed with moistened fingers, too, but their sound is much more delicate and shimmering compared to the verrophone. The glass instruments are rounded out by bottles that are blown with different techniques, including flutter tongue.

The sounding stone bars of the lithophone are made of basalt, granite, marble and other minerals. Lithophones were first introduced to the orchestra by Carl Orff (1895 - 1982) in his Greek drama “Antigone”. The Grand Lithophone is a unique instrument that looks like a marimba and has a tonal range of almost five octaves. Due to the resonance tubes, the tonal possibilities range from extremely soft, full and dark tones to a hard and bright timbre.

The metal category includes steel rails struck with a steel hammer, thunder sheets in various sizes and playing techniques, crotales and a set of Japanese singing bowls. The series of tam-tams includes instruments with different diameters, ranging from 85 cm to the 200 cm XXL tam-tam. The latter was struck with metal rods, cardboard and jigsaw blades, hit and rubbed with chains, and manhandled with fly swatters, an egg cutter, and even a massaging rod.

The collection is rounded off by a series of exotic percussion instruments such as ocean drums, spring drums, cuícas, waldteufel as well as bull roarer and lion’s roar.

In addition to the “classic” presets, SYNCHRON-ized Elements offers a wide variety of “FX Presets” created by our experienced sound experts and engineers. Notably, the “Combined FX” category with a total of 24 newly-created instruments made by combining different Elements is a treasure-trove of fresh and organic sounds and effects for adventurous composers and sound-designers.

  • Rare & unique instruments from our VI Elements Collection
  • Expanded with more extraordinary instruments
  • Archaic sounds, from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes
  • Perfect, out-of-the-box sound
  • Powered by Vienna Synchron Player
01 Glass harmonica
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Trills
  • Mallet normal and secco
  • Mallet glissando
02 Verrophone
  • Staccato
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Rolls normal and marcato
  • Trills normal and marcato
  • Mallet normal and secco
  • Mallet trills
  • Mallet glissando
03 Musical glasses - A
  • Staccato
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Rolls normal and marcato
  • Trills normal and marcato
04 Musical glasses - B
  • Staccato
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Rolls normal and marcato
  • Trills normal and marcato
  • Mallet soft, medium, hard
  • Mallet glissando
05 Musical glasses - C
  • Staccato fast and slow
  • Portato fast and slow
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Rolls normal and marcato
06 Bottles
  • Staccato
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Flutter tonguing
  • Sforzato
01 Tam XXL
  • Regular beater
  • Flexatone
  • Metal
  • Paper box
  • Cardboard tube
  • Plastic
  • Fretsaw
  • Miscellaneous 1 and 2
02 Tam-tams 85-130 cm
  • Soft beater
  • Metal beater, single hits and rubs
  • Sacré stick, rub
  • Superball, long rub and crescendo
03 Rails
  • Rails 1–5
  • Single hits left and right
  • Tremolo
  • 1–3 upbeats
04 Bass waterphone
  • Staccato
  • Portato
  • Sustained normal and marcato
  • Repetitions
  • Crescendo f and ff, normal and marcato
  • Tremolo crescendo, normal and marcato
  • Arpeggios
  • FX loops
  • Strokes hotrod, wood
  • Glissando strokes
05 Standard waterphone
  • Sustained normal and with modulation
  • Arpeggios
  • FX
  • Pizzicato
06 Thunder sheets
  • Thunder sheets A–E
  • Articulations vary according to instrument
  • Tremolo
  • Hand rub
  • Single hits
  • Metal chain
  • Bowed
  • Shaken
07 Japanese singing bowls
  • Wood beater
  • Rubber beater
  • Wood beater, secco
08 Crotales
  • Transposition for 88 keys and loco
  • Metal beater
  • Triangle beater
  • Bowed
01 Grande lithophone
  • Soft mallet: open, secco, rolls
  • Hard mallet
  • Sul ponticello, open and secco
  • Glissando
  • Soft and medium rubber mallet, open and secco
  • Very hard mallet, open and secco
  • Finger: open, secco, nail regular and accent
  • Small and big stone
  • Needle: 3 mm center and FX, 5 mm side and ponticello
  • Shattering portato and accent
  • Bowed piano and forte
02 Orff lithophone
  • Transposition for 88 keys and loco
  • Single hits
  • 1–4 upbeats
  • Rolls
  • Rubbed
01 Ocean drums
  • Ocean drums A and B
  • Articulations vary according to instrument
  • Short and long sounds
  • Motion
  • Performances full and excerpts
02 Bull roarer
  • Performances of 14, 27, 48, 66, and 73 seconds duration, full and exerpts
03 Spring drum
  • 2 ocean drums
  • Articulations vary according to instrument
  • Pizzicato
  • Finger snips
  • Finger slides slow and fast
  • Single stroke
  • Pulse slow, medium, fast, faster
  • Rotation
04 Cuica
  • 3 cuicas, articulations vary according to instrument
  • Low and high variations
  • Piano short, medium, long
  • Piano FX
  • Forte short, medium, long
05 Waldteufel
  • Large and small Waldteufel
  • Short, medium, long tones with variations
06 Lions roar
  • Muted tone, short, medium, long
  • Open tone, short, medium, long
  • Tremolos
FX Presets
  • 3 different FX settings for every instrument
  • Special FX with instrument combinations

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Virtual Instrument

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • PC Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • macOS 10.10 (latest update) or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Hard drive for sample content: 7200 rpm or faster (SSD recommended)
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
  • AU/VST/AAX Native compatible host (AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
  • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)
  • 12.6 GB free hard drive space


  • Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • macOS 10.12 (or higher), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 88 key master keyboard