Wavelet Audio Ashen Scoring Cello

Scoring cello with an intimate tone woven of whispers and screams

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Wavelet Audio Ashen Scoring Cello is a solo cello library for the free Kontakt Player. This is not another run-of-the-mill strings library. From dark ambient and experimental to orchestral and trailer music, Ashen Scoring Cello has the flexibility to work across numerous contexts with a highly expressive and emotive playing style.

Every note has been sampled with multiple dynamics in a musical context from real performances to give a more general musicality and energy.

In addition to standard and non-standard articulations, Ashen Scoring Cello contains a unique Performance Designer engine that can bring life and a unique atmosphere to your composition as well as control over the textures. Dozens of presets and a smart randomizer function offer a great starting point from the off, or simply a creative boost if your inspiration is running low!

Check out the 'More Info' tab for further details and watch the videos for an even closer look at this atmospheric cello library.

Ashen Scoring Cello Key Features: 

  • 12 playable articulations
  • Performance Designer
  • Bonus Sound Design
  • Realistic vibrato algorithm
  • True legato (Rebow)
  • Up to 8 Round Robins
  • 4 dynamic layers
  • 24-bit / 48 kHz lossless NCW format
  • Dozens Of Snapshots

More Info

As composers, Wavelet Audio understands the importance of high-quality cello instrument featuring traditional and nontraditional articulations. Every sample was cut and edited by hand to catch the beautiful tone of the cello and it was recorded with up to 8 Round Robins and 4 Dynamic Layers for incredible realism. 

For short articulations, they didn’t record one-shot samples one-by-one but real performances and took the samples from real repetitions. This technique is called “Repetition Sampling” and it gives more general musicality and energy, increased tightness, and focuses on the samples’ attack.

The second important part of Wavelet Audio's library is a highly advanced Performance Designer. This tool can be used in many situations and for many purposes. For example, you can create harmony and then play a melody using playable instruments on over the top of it. Or you can generate interesting rhythmic patterns that will perfectly complement the basic rhythms of the composition.

All performances work perfectly with each other and are divided into five categories: melodies, harmonies, rhythms, percussion, others. Wavelet Audio also prepared a bunch of presets/snapshots and programmed a smart randomizing function. The Performance Designer is not conceived to fully replace the entire cello player in the first place but more as an addition to complement the arrangement.


Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"Perfect for modern cinema scoring and trailers, horror soundtracks, and really any piece of music that needs a touch of that unique solo cello magic." - Bedroom Producers Blog

"A Solo Cello library, unlike anything we have seen before with a wonderful multi-sampled instrument and a creative and inspirational Performance Designer tool. With its beautiful timbre and nice range of articulations, Ashen Scoring Cello is sure to find a way into a vast range of scores and songs." - SampleLibraryReview

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt library

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • Works with Free Kontakt Player
  • NI Kontakt 6.0.2+
  • 3,01 GB of hard drive space (5,2 GB of original sample material)
  • Compatible with hardware by Native Instruments