Zero-G Ethera Gold - Studio One 5 Soundset Pack

ETHERA Gold 2.5 and Cyberworld Presets soundsets for Presonus Studio One 5

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This sound pack from Zero-G for Presonus's Studio One 5 provides an easy way to preview and navigate through the vast wealth of sounds within Ethera Gold 2.5 and Cyberworld Presets.

Installation just takes a few minutes. Simply drag and drop the provided installer file into the loops browser of StudioOne 5. After installation is complete you can quickly and easily preview through the sounds listed in their categories within the loops browser. When you find something you like, simply drag the preview into the main arrangement window of StudioOne 5 and the associated Kontakt file is automatically loaded and you are ready to go!

1249 ETHERA Gold 2.5.1 Presets Categories

Acoustic, Drum Loops Time Stretch, Horns, Percussion, Scream, Traditional Vocal, Actions, Drum Slow Tempo, Hybrid, Percussion & Hit, Slow Tempo, Trailer Kit, Arp, Ethereal, Keys & Mallet, Percussive, Soft & Dark Pad, Vocals, Bass, Filter, Lead, Pitch Modulation, Strange In Half Time, Vox Gating, Brass, Gating, Modulation, Pitched, Strings, WaveTable, Distorted, Gating & Rising, Organic, Pulse & Rise, Synth, Wind, Distorted & Drops, Glide, Organic & Acoustic, Pulsing, Synth & Key, Drones, Gtr & Traditional, Pad & Texture, Reverse, Textures, Drum Loops, Gummy, Pads, Rising & Sirens, Time Stretched

300 ETHERA Cyberworld Presets Categories

Arp, Drum Kit, Guitar, Low Sounds, Multi, Pulsing Vox, Vocals, Bass, Drum Loop, High Freq, Low Stab, Pads, Pumping, Vox, Distorted, Glide & Pitch, Hybrid, Modulation Pads, Percussions, Reverse, Wavetable Pulsing

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  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • Requires the full version ETHERA Gold 2.5.1. ETHERA Gold Cyberworld Presets also included. Will not work with ETHERA Gold Vocal Edition.