Zero-G Morphology

Stunning world of evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches & samples

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Zero-G Morphology is a sample library featuring over 3GB of evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches and samples for film composers and sound designers, all created from scratch by IAN BODDY, one of the UK's most celebrated synthesists, and a veteran of the European electronic music scene since the late 1970s. Ian's exclusive sound archives and arsenal of vintage and modern synths have been extensively plundered to create this unique and inspiring library.

Emerging from the post Tangerine Dream generation, Ian Boddy has carved out a position as a distinctive independent composer and performer, and is one of the few of his generation to have successfully integrated electronic music styles as diverse as seventies-style sequencer structures, melodic neo-classicism and the post-rave Modern Ambient style. With MORPHOLOGY, he provides you with a rich atmosphere of original timbres and floating soundscapes. A prolific performer, Ian is credited with over 70 live appearances in the UK, Holland, Germany, and the USA.

Included in Zero-G Morphology:

The complete MORPHOLOGY library has been divided into 8 folders as follows.

  • Atmospheres 1 (includes Kontakt and WAV files)
  • Atmospheres 2 (includes Kontakt and WAV files)
  • Drones (WAV files)
  • FX (WAV files)
  • Harmonic Loops (includes Kontakt and WAV files)
  • Industrial (WAV files)
  • Pads & Synths (includes Kontakt and WAV files)
  • Voices (WAV files)


Hardware Instruments:


  • Analogue Solutions Modular
  • Analogue Systems Modular
  • Doepfer A-100 Modular
  • Minimoog
  • Roland System-100M with 184 Polyphonic Keyboard
  • VCS-3
  • Hammond L100 with M147 Leslie Cabinet
  • Shortwave Radio
  • Various Mistreated Electric Guitars.


  • Akai Z8
  • Korg Wavestation
  • Korg MS2000R
  • Kurzweil K2000
  • Roland D-550
  • Roland JP8000.

Software Instruments:

  • AAS Tassman
  • Cellsynth
  • Emagic ES E
  • Emagic EVP88
  • Emagic EXS24 Mk II
  • NI Absynth
  • NI Kontakt
  • NI Reaktor
  • Novation V-Station
  • U&I Metasynth.

Hardware FX:

  • Dynacord DRP15
  • Lexicon PCM 80
  • Roland SDE-330
  • Sony R7.

Software FX:

  • Ableton Live
  • Antares Infinity
  • Arboretum Ionizer
  • Audioease thOnk
  • Audioease Altiverb
  • Bias Peak
  • Cycling 74 Pluggo
  • Emagic Logic Platinum
  • PSP Lexicon PSP42
  • PSP Lexicon PSP84
  • SFX Machine
  • Waves Native Power Pack
  • Waves Renaissance EQ, Reverb & Compressor.

Markus Reuter Equipment:

  • Alesis Q2
  • Boss GT-5
  • Oberheim Echoplex
  • Warr TSG-8 Touch Guitar.

Sound Quality:

All the sounds were recorded and processed at 24 Bit resolution and 44.1KHz sample rate.


The producer Ian Boddy - "Morphology is not your average sound library. You’re not going to find drum loops, techo samples or any “real” instruments here. What I hope you will discover is a world of soundscapes that morph and evolve over time, and which range from the awesomly beautiful to the teeth-grindingly nasty. A range of gorgeous synth pads using meticulously crafted multi-sampled analogue waveforms. In short sounds that will inspire you to make your own music."

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

The 3GB Morphology core sample library is impressive. Morphology should please anyone who's into realistic-sounding analogue synths or evolving textures. All in all, this is a pretty impressive workshop of weirdness that manages to be both different and musically useful." - Sound On Sound 

It's worth buying simply for the sounds. They'll blow you away!. Ian Boddy says that the collection was designed to "inspire you to make your own music" - and if you have a soul, that's what it will do. If the muse has left you, play these to encourage its return." - MusicTech

Outstandingly moody and emotional sounds, effects and ambiences. A potential lifesaver in music-for-picture applications, and killer for music composition too. The size of the sound library is impressive. There's a lot of quality material here. Harmonic Loops holds some of the most beautiful sounds in the entire collection. Some composers will likely thank their lucky stars for the completeness of some of these patches. They're a potential boon to the music-for-picture crowd. But in the final analysis, this work is so well done, so imbued with mood and emotion, that it's a pleasure to recommend it." - Keyboard Magazine 

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Sample Library


  • Kontakt files
  • Wav

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • The included Kontakt files require the FULL version of Kontakt. They will not work in the FREE Kontakt Player except in demo mode. Also contains WAV files.