Zero-G Northern Lights

A highly creative, complex and expressive pad instrument for Kontakt.

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Welcome to the Northern Lights Pad Machine. The most complex and creative pad instrument ever made. Create your own paths of beauty from diffuse, soft and glowing masses to fierce, metal, frozen deep, gloomy and cold solitude. 

Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine is a multilayered Kontakt instrument containing almost 6GB of brand-new audio content and giving you more than 970 original and unique sounds. Multi-layered patches utilizing every possible and impossible sound source. From rare modular synthesizers to metal and sounds from the Norwegian natural environment. All with one thing in mind – to create the most amazing pad sounds ever made!

Whether you are a soundtrack or pop composer, noise artist, experimental musician or just a hobby musician you will find something truly inspiring in this mammoth of a library.

Each instrument consists of at least 4 layers, and the 6 controls of the instruments provides you with an unprecedented creative way to morph between textures, colors and moods. The interface makes you work in an intuitive way, using your ears, not your eyes and analytics. Dial in thousands of unique textures in an instant.


1. Complexity
Volume of layers.

2. Movement
Changes sounds in a moderate to dramatic way using convolution, filters, controllers, LFO, envelopes and delays.

3. Storm
Shakes up the sound in different ways using distortion, effects, LFO, controllers and saturation.

4. Color
Filters, Eq, Phaser, convolution, envelopes.

5. Attack

6. Release

7. Key pressure and pressure length

Try to experiment with your playing technique. Fast touches versus holding long notes gives different results. A great deal of the patches respond creatively with the way you play, so make sure you try it out.

The usability concept (which GUI controls etc.)

The patches are individually mapped to the GUI, so there were no set rules before doing the sound design and using the engine in Kontakt. All sounds use what suits the individual sound best creating a vastly better user experience and result.

Each of the 4 controls continuously morph between dozens of settings in Kontakt, both controller messages and effects. Dials are carefully set up so they relate to each other and interpolate, so that you can be creative and hands on in your own sound design. Easy and fun.

Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"refreshingly easy to get into [and} powered by 6GB entirely focused on generating pads, strings and textures" - 9/10 COMPUTER MUSIC

"not so much a sample library as it is a living, breathing performance synth, always surprising in an inspiring way. It’s wonderfully expressive and characterful. Each patch allows me to morph between various characters and dimensions, from subtle shifts in tonality to extreme warping. I love it, it’s a work of art. It’s gone straight into the top 5 of my fav libraries." Neil Davidge - Record producer, songwriter and film score composer

"The beauty of Northern Lights is that you don't get bogged down in deep editing — the six controls make tweaking purely instinctive. I can see some of these sounds getting used in film scores, ranging from sci-fi to horror, but there's a lot of scope, from tortured metal to more peaceful, organic timbres, so there are plenty of more conventional musical applications too. Given its low cost, Northern Lights is a useful 'left-of-mainstream' instrument."Paul White (SoundOnSound)

"Northern Lights Pad Machine is another winner by Zero-G! The user interface is a cinch to use and because it is minimal, it leaves the composer the freedom to do what we love best and that is just create! The range of sounds are truly inspiring and the possibilities seem endless and is extremely suitable for composers and sound designers. I love being able to manipulate the complexity, color, saturation, attack, release and movement in real time, using the dials on the interface. The amount of pressure on the keys and when you release has a beautiful impact on the sounds and makes the sound come alive even further! I have actually been using Northern Lights now, in conjunction with Zero-G's amazing Zero-G Ethera Collection and found that they compliment each other so well! Bravo Zero-G on another hit! Simply a must have in my opinion at an unbelievable price! 5 STARS!"  David Michael Tardy - Musician, composer and songwriter

"I really enjoyed reviewing this library and as usual, they really impressed me with the quality of the samples, the price point, and the value you get for your money. This library is a valued addition to anyone’s toolbox and should somebody have a personal affection for pads, then this library will quickly become a beloved and faithful friend that is used for years to come." - SampleLibraryReview

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • 64bit Intel i5 multi-core processor or faster recommended
  • 8Gb RAM (16Gb or more recommended)

  • 8Gb of free Hard Drive Space

  • Kontakt 5.7.3 FULL or higher
  • HD 7200RPM, (SSD Drive recommended)

IMPORTANT! Northern Lights requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. It will not work with the free Kontakt Player.