Zynaptiq Intensity

A new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design

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Zynaptiq Intensity is a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms, Intensity brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, and adds what Zynaptiq describes as maximum clarity.

The unique algorithm carves out important signal features – making sounds sound more like themselves– and is operated with essentially one control. Between the proprietary algorithm and an optional soft-knee saturating limiter in the plugin’s output stage, Intensity also excels at attaining maximum loudness and creating a beautifully aggressive tone.

Key Features:

  • Mastering-grade processing for more detail, clarity, density and loudness.
  • Intuitive and fast workflow using a streamlined set of controls.
  • Proprietary INTENSITY circuit with optional frequency-dependent BIAS function.
  • Additional precision soft-knee saturating limiter at the output stage.

Think "Compressor"

So what IS this thing, then? You can think of INTENSITY like an infinite-band compressor operating in relative terms – whose time constants are zero, and which is controlled by an artificial intelligence at audio rate – making it possible to adjust the process with essentially just one knob.

Or Actually, do NOT Think "Compressor"

Well, except that this description would be completely inaccurate, as INTENSITY is absolutely NOT a compressor, and works in a completely different way. There's no RMS detector, no threshold, no ratio, no attack or release time. It doesn't pump or modulate in any other way. It doesn't overshoot and it works regardless of absolute levels and input type.

That said, the compressor analogy does serve to give you an idea of when to use it and what for.

Across the Board

INTENSITY is equally suited for processing individual tracks like speech, SFX, instruments – including guitars, bass and piano – as well as full mixes, multi-channel film stems, drum busses, and other complex content. This makes INTENSITY an indispensable tool for music producers, mastering engineers, sound designers, video producers, broad/podcasters, forensics professionals, audiophiles, or virtually anyone to quickly and easily add clarity, definition, and perceived loudness to their audio projects.

Fast, Faster, INTENSITY

This plugin is probably the fastest way to get great sound. No kidding. The actual, real-world usage story goes pretty much exactly like this:

  • Insert plugin
  • Adjust INTENSITY amount
  • Enjoy the result.

In some cases, you may additionally:

  • Adjust BIAS Amount and/or Curve
  • Activate the saturation.

 ...that is literally it.

Summarise that in plain English, please.

OK, we'll drop the geek.

It's a high-tech thing that makes everything sound way more awesome.
Which is why Zynaptiq call it The AWESOME!-Knob in their offices.
Put it on everythingall of the time
Be careful, it's highly addictive.
Plain enough? :-)

INTENSITY supports all common sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz depending on available CPU resources, mono, stereo, and multi-mono operation, as AAX native, AU, RTAS, VST 2.4 and VST 3, on Mac & Windows.



At the heart of the plugin lies its namesake, the INTENSITY circuit. A combination of advanced neural network based analysis and proprietary input and output transforms is used to separate the signal into broad strokes and detail features. By boosting the details while leaving the broad strokes in place, the sound's unique characteristics are amplified, masking effects mitigated, details carved out, the density and perceived loudness increased. Sounds high tech? That's because it IS.



In most cases, the INTENSITY trackball is all you'll need to use to get a great sound. But the processing amount can be controlled frequency dependently, too, using the BIAS function.


Preset BIAS Curves

INTENSITY features ten preset bias curves, including two equal loudness curves, a presence boost curve, linear tilt curves, and more. Curves are selected using our proprietary Visual Menu widget, which allows you to preview a setting simply by hovering your mouse over it. 


Custom BIAS Curve

Or simply create your own. Supported by multiple macro functions, finding just the right curve is a snap.



On top of the high-tech INTENSITY circuit, there's also a slightly more traditional, but nonetheless state-of-the-art soft-knee saturating limiter that can optionally be switched into the output stage. From subtle glue to in-your-face-ness to Yeah-I-Just-Got-Three-dB-of-Loudness-For-Free in mastering to straight-up overdrive, the SATURATE circuit delivers a beautifully warm, meaty tone...and can drive the loudness into La-La-Land.

Video Reviews


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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Adds space and detail to a mix in a quite dramatic way but without the end result sounding processed. Bias control can be used to fine-tune a mix’s tonal balance without relying on conventional EQ. Very easy to use" - Sound on Sound By Paul White Click here to read full review

"I absolutely adore INTENSITY because it adds immense clarity and body to mixes that usually can only be achieved with a large number of plug-ins chained together, for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you what types of plug-ins you would need to use to get results to sound anything like what INTENSITY can produce." - Dan Cooper, Pro Tools Expert

"...another remarkable addition to Zynaptiq‘s roster of futuristic devices - a unique and high-tech production and engineering tool that gets as close to feeling like ‘magic’ as software ever does. - Computer Music

"It's fascinating, I have to say. I'm struggling to find ways to describe it! [...] When they talk about increasing  detail within the mix this is certainly true. I had it running over a mix I was working on, and after about half an hour I realised I still had it on so I switched it off, and it sounded almost immediately like the life had just been sucked out of this mix. I can imagine this going on a lot of mixes! It does something that I'm not getting from anything else." - Steve Hillier, Sonic State 

Click here to watch the full review. 

"Intensity was an instant buy for me, when I saw the launch video and, after a few tests, I can say it confirmed my high expectations. This is mind-blowing technology. I really hope Zynaptiq will continue to put out this kind of unique plugins: there's nothing like that around." - Alessandro Camnasio

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Effects Plugin

Product Specs:

System Requirements Mac

  • OSX 10.8.x or newer
  • Intel CPU with at least 2 Cores; i7 or better recommended.
  • Apple AU (AudioUnits), Steinberg VST 2.4, VST 3 or Avid RTAS/AAX compatible Host software
  • For AAX Native 32-bit, the minimum required Pro Tools version is 10.3.6
  • iLok.com account for machine- or iLok 2 based activation (of full as well as demo versions) iLok key not required
  • Internet Connection for Software Activation (though not necessarily on the computer used for audio)

System Requirements Windows

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • CPU with at least 2 Cores; Intel CPU recommended, i7 or better recommended.
  • Steinberg VST 2.4, VST 3 or Avid RTAS/AAX compatible Host software
  • For AAX Native 32-bit, the minimum required Pro Tools version is 10.3.6
  • iLok.com account for machine- or iLok 2 based activation (of full as well as demo versions) iLok key not required
  • Internet Connection for Software Activation (though not necessarily on the computer used for audio)